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Free shipping on all orders over 49€

Free shipping on all orders over 49€

Doona +
Car Seat & Stroller

This model is no longer available

Designed for life on the go

Fully integrated all-in-one travel system

The revolutionary system is designed to provide a safe and practical solution for life on-the-go, allowing you to easily move from car seat to stroller in seconds. From running errands to traveling by car, train, or plane, Doona is the ideal solution for exploring the world with an infant, with freedom and flexibility.

This model is no longer available.

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Discover the latest Doona
Car Seat & Stroller model

Understand the key differences


Doona i

Car Seat & Stroller


Doona +

Car Seat & Stroller

i-size compliant


R129 Certified

ECE R44 Certified

Integrated harness

Rethread harness

Integrated, easily adjustable headrest

Detachable head support

Improved side impact protection, double wall structure, Doona SIP add on

Side impact protection, double wall structure

Handle height

Handle height

New and upgraded Doona i Infant Insert

Infant Insert

All wheels quick release wheels

Front wheels quick release wheels

Doona i ISOFIX Base

Doona + ISOFIX Base

Held to the highest safety standards

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Safety Doona - Testing
Safety Doona - Anti-Rebound Protection
Safety Doona - Aircraft Approval
Safety Doona - Fail-Safe Mechanisms
Doona Icon Illustrations website 20June2023
Safety Doona - Five-Point Harness
Safety Doona - Baby-Safe Materials

Standards & certifications

Our products go through strict internal and external tests and all mandatory certification processes to assure the highest levels of safety. With its unique hybrid functionality, Doona has been tested to meet the strictest US & EU standards for car seats, strollers and hand-held carriers.

Doona + ISOFIX base

Safety, Simplicity, Mobility. The Doona ISOFIX Base allows you to have them all. Its secure click-in and click-out mechanism make life on-the-go easy.