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Free shipping on all orders over 49€

Free shipping on all orders over 49€

Safety comes first

Safety is not just another consideration for us, it is our state of mind! Our products are geared towards parents and their babies, and as such, they must comply with the highest safety standards.

Safety Doona i - Standards & certifications

Standards & certification

Doona products go through strict internal and external tests and all mandatory certification processes to assure the highest levels of safety. With its unique hybrid functionality, Doona has been tested to meet the strictest EU standards for car seats, strollers and hand-held carriers. The ECE R129/i-Size car seat standard is Europe's latest and most advanced regulation.

Safety Doona - Testing


All Doona Car Seat & Stroller models have successfully passed all legally required compliance tests. To ensure Doona exceeds these standards, the products underwent over a hundred crash tests, including those in extreme weather conditions and high-speed collisions. Additionally, Doona has established a fully automated, in-house testing facility where we continuously conduct over 20 different tests beyond standard requirements. This rigorous testing ensures long-term durability, prevents consumer misuse, and maintains our commitment to safety and quality.

Safety Doona - Anti-Rebound Protection

Anti-rebound protection

Doona's unique structure enables users to position the handle against the back seat of the car, providing the baby with exceptional anti-rebound protection. In case of a collision, the handle absorbs the impact and prevents the Doona from rotating quickly towards the back of the seat, dramatically reducing rebound injuries.
For Doona i and Doona X, this feature is only applicable when installed in the car without a base.

Safety Doona - Aircraft Approval

Aircraft approval

Doona is the ideal solution for air travel. Flight safety experts encourage parents to use an approved car seat to keep their child safe throughout flights. All Doona models have been certified and approved by authorities for air travel and therefore offers the perfect solution for families on-the-go.

We recommend contacting the airline in advance to ensure car seats are permitted on your flight and confirm the appropriate seat assignment.
For more information on how to install Doona on an aircraft, open our "Installation on Aircraft" guide.

Doona X TÜV Rheinland, Doona i TÜV Rheinland and Doona + TÜV Rheinland certificates are available on the official TÜV Rheinland website.

Award winning innovations

Doona has won numerous global awards for innovation and design.

Award - European Product Design
Award - Baby Cool Prix
Award - Baby Innovation
Award - Good Design
Award - Mother & Baby
Award - K & J
Award - European Product Design
Award - Baby Cool Prix
Award - Baby Innovation
Award - Good Design
Award - Mother & Baby
Award - K & J
Safety Doona - Fail-Safe Mechanisms

Fail-safe mechanisms

The most common injury causes relating to car seats and strollers are misuse and improper installation. Our design and engineering teams developed multiple fail-safe mechanisms to assure safe operation. They prevent unintentional folding, a sudden extension of the handle while being carried, and rotation of the handle while being used in stroller mode.

Safety Doona - Five-Point Harness

5-point harness

The 5-point harness ensures the child is in the safest position within the protective seat shell. Its five attachment points are designed to restrain your child at the shoulders and hips, which are the most rigid parts of their body. In case of an accident, the harness shifts the extreme forces of the crash to these rigid points and into the seat, better protecting the child’s abdomen.

Safety Doona - Enhanced Side Impact Protection

Side impact protection

Doona is constructed with layers of durable, impact-absorbing plastic, reinforced with additional foam layers, providing superior protection for the baby in case of an accident. Additionally, the Doona SIP add-on offers extra protection by absorbing energy during a side impact.

Safety Doona - Baby-Safe Materials

Baby-safe materials

All materials used in Doona products are tested and approved according to the strictest European standards and REACH regulations, including compliance with SVHC requirements. These materials are free from hazardous chemicals and undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure safe and continuous use.

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