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Simplifying parenthood with Tot Squad and

Becoming a new parent is an exciting experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. From sleepless nights to navigating the world of car seat installations, the first few months with a newborn can be overwhelming. That's where Tot Squad comes in. Tot Squad is a revolutionary platform that supports parents on their journey through parenthood, and now its services are available at, making it even more accessible for new parents to get the help they need. 

Crafted by parents for parents, Tot Squad exceeds the typical support service. It's a virtual 'village' ready to help you conquer all the highs and lows of parenthood. What sets Tot Squad apart is its expansive range of services designed to aid parents from the moment they welcome their newborn and throughout the early childhood years. The vetted and skilled team of experts at Tot Squad are available nearly round the clock, dispensing invaluable advice on various parenting aspects, including sleep training, breastfeeding, expert guidance for installing your Doona Car Seat and Stroller, and more.

Curious to know what services Tot Squad provides? Read below to find out more: 

Real-time assistance:

While many companies provide free introductory calls that often serve as sales pitches for expensive packages, Tot Squad breaks the mold. It is the first to offer brief sessions where experts promptly address your most pressing questions.

Certified Experts:

Tot Squad meticulously selects certified experts in diverse fields, armed with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience.

Targeted Guidance:

Tot Squad's experts deliver precise and actionable advice within a 20-30-minute consultation, empowering parents with practical tips to tackle immediate concerns.

Effortless Scheduling:

The platform streamlines the scheduling process, enabling parents to choose a convenient time and provider that aligns with their busy schedules.

Comprehensive Approach:

Access a well-rounded set of resources to enrich your parenting journey and build your support 'Squad'. 

Personalized 1:1 Sessions:

Parents receive tailored guidance with a chosen provider, and all sessions are private and confidential.

Follow-Up Appointments:

Follow-up consultations with our experts are available, ensuring a contented parenting journey.

The partnership between Tot Squad and Target is a major milestone for soon-to-be parents. With Tot Squad's services now available on, new parents can easily add them to their baby registries or purchase them directly. This means they can access expert advice without the need to leave their homes, saving them from unnecessary hassle.

Whether you're a first-time parent navigating uncharted territory or a seasoned pro seeking additional support, Tot Squad has your back. The ease of accessing these services through adds an extra layer of convenience for parents, allowing them to concentrate on what matters most – joyous moments of bonding with their little ones. You can choose from Breastfeeding Support with a Certified Lactation Expert, Sleep Coaching, Feeding & Baby-Led Weaning Support with a Certified Nutritionist, and Car Seat Check with a Certified Safety Expert. With these specific offerings at Target, Tot Squad aims to make parenthood a smoother journey, providing expert guidance and assistance tailored to your unique parenting needs.

In the spirit of streamlining the intricate journey of parenthood, Tot Squad's collaboration with signifies a commitment to making life more manageable for new parents. Much like Doona's dedication to simplifying your parenting experience, Tot Squad emerges as an invaluable resource for families navigating the early stages of parenthood.

At Doona, we recognize the challenges of parenting, and our innovative solutions aim to simplify the journey. The Doona Car Seat & Stroller effortlessly transitions from car seat to stroller, providing unparalleled convenience for on-the-go parents. Similarly, our Liki Trike, the most compact folding toddler trike, grows with your child, ensuring adaptability at every stage.

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