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Safety for your child, security for your mind


Child car seat alert solution

SensAlert detects the presence of a child on board and warns the caregiver (or emergency contacts) with three incremental levels of alert if the child is left unattended in the car. It uses an intelligent cloud-based system to send messages and calls, so it does not depend on the phone's signal or status.

SensAlert App

Effortless operation

With easy installation and automatic Bluetooth connection, SensAlert provides the ultimate solution for car seat safety via the Doona app.

How it Works

If SensAlert detects that a child is left unattended in the car, a three-level alert system will be activated.

SensAlert image - How it works (1)


Designed to help parents in their daily lives by providing them with extra security.

SensAlert image - How it works (2)


SensAlert detects the child in the car and warns you if they are left in the car unattended.

SensAlert image - How it works (3)


After 3 minutes you will receive an alert notification on your smartphone "Warning: child is still on board!".

SensAlert image - How it works (4)


If you do not deactivate the first alert, you will receive a call on your smartphone.

SensAlert image - How it works (5)


If the second alert is not deactivated, we will call and SMS the emergency contacts listed in the app.

Held to the highest standards

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Automatic Bluetooth connection

SensAlert automatically connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and operates seamlessly with other devices without interference. SensAlert will emit an intermittent sound to remind you to turn it back on to restore security. It also has an audible sound to indicate its connection status.

The context

SensAlert has been developed in collaboration with industry experts, and rigorously tested on car seats from leading brands in third-party labs.

The United States has experienced an average of 38 child vehicular heat stroke fatalities annually in the last two decades, as well as other permanent damages. The Hot Cars Act of 2021, which is currently being discussed in the US Senate, aims to mandate the use of anti-abandonment devices to prevent such incidents.

Since 2020 in Italy, by law every person must use an anti-abandonment device when traveling in a car with a child under age 4. There have been zero fatalities due to child vehicular heat stroke since the law was enacted.

Since its launch in Europe in 2019, nearly one million units of SensAlert have been sold. There have not been any reports of SensAlert being involved in a single incident that put a child’s safety at risk. Its popularity is a testament to the product's reliability, as well as the growing awareness of the need for child safety in vehicles.

For more information on hot car deaths visit NHTSA
(NHTSA is not associated with Doona and SensAlert)

SensAlert - The context
Tap into safety

Download the Doona app

SensAlert connects to the Doona app via Bluetooth. It utilizes a cloud alert system that automatically sends messages and calls to the caregiver and emergency contacts. This technology allows seamless communication, regardless of the caregivers' phone signal.

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SensAlert Powered by Doona™ app

Innovation & Technology

Doona™Lab is a forward-thinking and innovative hub. It is a space for Doona to collaborate with experts and explore new ideas and designs, including technology, to impact our industry and the daily lives of parents.

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