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Keeping kids happy and active during cold weather

It is that time of year again, with the falling leaves and chilly air, making it hard to keep your little ones content and active during the colder and rainy months. This can be a real challenge, and at Doona, we’re all about making parenting simpler than ever.  To help you with some fresh ideas, we are sharing our favorite winter activities for kids to keep them engaged, moving and giggling throughout the season. Read on to find out more!

Build a fort 

What better way to make staying inside fun than building a DIY fort? Gather blankets, cushions, and pillows to create a cozy hideaway. Adding twinkly LED lights can make it extra special. Building a fort is not only enjoyable, but it also enhances creativity, teamwork and provides the perfect space for imaginative play with siblings or friends. Once the fort is built, you can grab favorite books, toys and even a flashlight for storytelling. You can take the indoor adventure up a notch by incorporating themes into the fort such as turning it into a castle, spaceship or jungle adventure. Your little ones will never want to leave! 

Local museum 

Stroll through a local museum for a change of scenery and educational fun. Many museums offer one-of-a-kind experiences and interactive exhibits specifically designed for kids, catering to interests such as art, music, science, and more. They also provide an atmosphere that encourages their creativity and imagination. Some museums have hands-on activities and workshops, providing a blend of learning and entertainment. This is a great way to spark their curiosity and expose them to new ideas, cultures and knowledge while spending quality time together. You can check the museum's schedule for special exhibitions or events that align with your child’s interests. To search for a local museum in your area, visit this website

Clean up race

If you have some household chores that your kids need to do, why not turn them into fun indoor activities? Set a timer and let the kids compete against siblings or parents to beat the clock. The person who does the best job by the time the timer’s up gets a prize! This can make indoor activities more enjoyable for kids and turn mundane tasks into something fun. Make it winter themed by using this game to decorate or clean up after the holidays. Whoever collects the most wrapping paper scraps or pieces of tinsel wins! Plus, once it's over there's more time for other, even more exciting, activities!

Scavenger hunt

Embrace the chilly weather with a winter-themed scavenger hunt! Set up a scavenger hunt and leave clues so that your little ones can look around, solve the mysteries, and find the ultimate prize. This is a great way to work their brain and keep them moving too! For younger children, it’s a good idea to focus on shapes. Cut out shapes from colored paper and hide them around the room. Encourage your children to find circles, squares, and triangles, promoting shape recognition. You can do it inside to keep warm, or bundle up and head out for some fresh air. We suggest keeping them close by so they can run inside for a hot cocoa to warm up!

Nature walk

Some days, you just need to step outside, even if it’s cold and wet. So, pick the day of the week with the best weather forecast, and bundle up in weatherproof boots, scarves, hats, mittens, and a big, warm jacket. Take a quick walk or drive to your nearest park or nature preserve, and let your kids wander around, look at the plants, search for animals, and experience the change in seasons. If it’s a snowy white winter, you can have some fun with your little ones by making snowballs and snow angels. If you have a baby coming along, be sure to take your Doona with you to keep the trip hassle-free, and don’t forget our Doona Winter Cover to keep the baby safe, warm, and dry.

Trike time

Sometimes, a bike ride is just what you need to feel the summer vibes again. Luckily, the Liki Trike is the most compact folding toddler trike on the market, perfect for kids in any weather, indoors or out. It’s small enough to race down the hallway at home or take with you on the go. The design includes a handlebar in the back, providing a perfect solution to let kids roam freely while keeping them close. You can effortlessly fold it up and tuck it in a bag or stash it in the back of your car. With five modes of use, the Liki Trike grows alongside your toddler, ensuring they can enjoy the trike year-round for years to come. 

With the snowy season right around the corner, we hope these fun winter activities for kids help you find ways to enjoy the cold weather while staying active, too. For more tips and tricks on how to enjoy a simpler, more modern way to parent, check out more of our parenting tips. Until then, we hope your family is staying warm and keeping cozy.

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