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Liki Trike – A Compact Trike With The Big Benefits

Liki Trike – a compact trike with the big benefits

They say good things come in small packages - and that’s never been truer than with Liki Trike. The world’s most compact folding trike also has some of the biggest benefits, smartest functionalities, and clever uses on the market. From its innovative construction to its many product stages, Liki has so many interesting and useful features.

Ready to go straight out of the box

This trike comes fully assembled and ready for play. With Liki, gone are the days of having to figure complicated assembly instructions.

You can take it anywhere

As the most compact folding trike on the market, Liki makes it practical to take it with you wherever you go. With the click of a button, your trike collapses into a size and shape that can fit easily in your trunk, the seat next to you on the train or subway, even in the overhead bin of an airplane. Just fold it up, pick it up, and your toddler’s favorite trike is ready to go. 

It grows with your toddler

Liki Trike’s unique and innovative design allows you to transform it into four different modes of use. It starts with parent mode, designed for toddlers 10-18 months, allows you to have full control and steer your little one. Then it converts to push mode for ages 18-24 months, without its protective bar. After that, you can attach its pedals as it turns into a toddler tricycle. Finally, you can lose the handle and backrest, when your little one is ready to ride their own bike! Having one toy with so many different modes, that also grows alongside your toddler, is such an efficient and safe travel solution. 

Made to last

The Liki Trike is made from high-quality, durable materials to assure long-lasting quality. With its UV 50+ sun protection canopy and its soft-ride wheels constructed of heavy-duty materials, your little one will be riding safely for years to come.

It gives toddlers independence

Toddlers are in an interesting developmental stage - because this is the time when they first start exploring their independence. The beauty of the Liki Trike is that it is there with you both, every step of the way! Instead of you, the parent, having to decide between total control and total freedom - Liki allows you to gradually increase their independence - so you can keep them safe while they learn how to ride a bike on their own. 

It promotes healthy exercise

One thing all toddlers share is an abundance of energy and sense of adventure. They wake up early, never stop moving, and are always on the lookout for endless entertainment. Liki Trike makes it easy and fun to explore while promoting healthy physical activity. So the fun and joy they’ll have riding on their Liki, actually helps them tire them out - in the best way possible.

Liki Trike’s smart functionality makes for an amazingly useful trike that you’re little one will adore, with features that give you peace of mind. So go ahead and ride together and let the adventures unfold.

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