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Winter Car Seat Safety Tips

Winter car seat safety tips

As the weather cools down during the wintertime you’ll need to bundle up your little one to keep them nice and cozy. Yet when it comes to making sure your little one is warm in the car, knowing how to keep them comfortable without compromising their safety is key.

A major aspect of car seat safety is ensuring the straps are properly adjusted and snug. To make sure of this, you should never dress your child in bulky layers while strapped into their car seat. Most puffy coats and snowsuits actually create 2–4 inches of space between your child and the straps of the car seat, leaving them vulnerable to sliding out in the case of an accident. Even if you tighten the straps all the way over their jacket, the force of a crash can flatten the air out of their puffy coat, leaving space.

Luckily, there are ways to keep your little one bundled, while making sure they are safe at the same time! Here are our best winter car seat safety tips to keep your baby warm and safe.

Lay blankets on top

Because the main problem with puffy coats is that they go under the straps, laying things on top isn’t an issue! If necessary try using a blanket or a car seat cover to keep baby warm, but just be sure they go over the top of the straps once your little one is securely buckled. Keep in mind babies are extra sensitive to temperature changes and making sure they are cozy but not too hot is key, especially if you are using your car's heating system. Always make sure your baby is comfortable and warm but does not overheat during the ride.

Avoid extra accessories

One way to keep your little one safe this winter is to stick to accessories that came with your car seat. Using only accessories that are made by the brand of your car seat ensures they have been tested for compatibility with your specific seat, and more importantly are safety tested for their performance in car crashes.

Tighten the straps

This is a given all year round, but especially during the winter when your little one is wearing warmer clothes, make sure the straps are properly snug. Again - this means securing them directly onto your baby, not on top of their large puffy coat!

Not only is it important to take precautions when it comes to winter car seat safety, choosing the right car seat also makes a huge difference. A safe, easy to install car seat like the Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller Combo will make those chilly drives much easier, and with their selection of innovative winter accessories, you can rest assured knowing your little one is kept warm and safe, all winter long.

For more car seat safety tips check out our blog post explaining the safest position for a car seat.

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