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Ultimate Guide to Celebrating International Women’s Day with Kids

Ultimate guide to celebrating International Women’s Day with kids

March 8th marks International Women's Day, which dates back to the early 20th century and originates from the labor movement. The day commemorates social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and serves as a platform to raise awareness about the ongoing struggles for gender equality and women's empowerment. IWD has grown into a significant event that's marked in various ways worldwide, highlighting the progress in women's rights and acknowledging the work that still needs to be done. This year’s theme, #EmbraceEquity, focuses on gender equity, challenging gender stereotypes, calling out discrimination, drawing attention to bias, and seeking inclusion. Beyond the day, together, we can all forge positive change.

At Doona, we are constantly celebrating and empowering the women around us, from mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters. If you have a toddler, celebrating International Women's Day can be a great way to teach them about the importance of gender equality and inspire them to become advocates for women's rights in the future. There are many ways to mark this day, and we've rounded up some ideas on how to celebrate this special day with your little one:

Start the conversation

One of the best ways to celebrate International Women’s Day is to talk about it with the people around you. Start the conversation. Talk about incredible female trailblazers throughout history and celebrate the women you know from family and friends who are doing amazing things every day. Discuss the inequalities that women still face every day. Educate other women, men, and children so that we can continue to grow and make a change. Start the conversation with your little ones in a way they can understand and encourage them to ask questions and express their thoughts and feelings about the topic. Teach them to recognize and challenge gender stereotypes and biases they may encounter and empower them to stand up for themselves and others. By starting the conversation early, you can help raise a new generation of empathetic, open-minded individuals who value diversity and respect for all.

Read books about women's achievements

Introducing children to books that highlight women's achievements is an excellent way to inspire them to become strong, independent, and motivated individuals. By reading stories about remarkable women who have made significant history, you can help your toddler understand the importance of gender equality and encourage them to follow their dreams. Find a cozy nook and grab some great options, including She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton and Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World by Rachel Ignotofsky. Another great book to consider adding to your collection is Feminist Baby by Loryn Brantz. When you read books on women's empowerment to your children, you can encourage them to adopt a positive mindset towards gender equality and instill a sense of appreciation and respect for women as equally important members of society.

Watch movies about inspiring women

There are many movies that tell the stories of women who have made impactful contributions to society. By exposing your child to positive role models who have broken barriers, you can help them understand that women are capable of achieving greatness and also deserve respect and recognition. Some great options include Frozen, Moana, and Mulan. And for grownups, we highly recommend Hidden Figures. 

Create art projects that celebrate women

Creating art projects with your toddler can be a fun and creative way to celebrate. Design empowering posters with your toddler by thinking of inspiring messages that honor women's strength and resilience. For example, you can write "Girls can do anything" or "Women are leaders" on the poster. You can use colorful markers, stickers, and glitter to make the poster visually appealing and engaging. Another fun activity is drawing pictures of inspiring women. You can ask your toddler to choose a woman they admire, such as their grandmother, mother, or a famous woman, and draw a picture of them. You can discuss the woman's achievements and explain why she is inspiring. This can be a great opportunity to teach your toddler about the history of women's rights and the struggles women faced to achieve equality. 

International Women's Day holds immense significance in commemorating women's accomplishments and promoting gender parity. Doona upholds and champions all women, regardless of their background and journey. Whether you're an entrepreneur, employee, athlete, friend, sister, cousin, or mother, we support you. We firmly believe that by empowering and uplifting women, we can create a more equitable world for all. Join us in advocating for gender equality.

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