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The Ultimate Stroller Accessories For Spring

The ultimate stroller accessories for spring

Spring is in full swing! That means it’s time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and embrace the new beginnings this season brings. No matter what climate you’re in, Doona has an accessory to make you and your little one’s springtime strolls the best ever.

Handlebar Cover

When pushing your newborn around in a stroller all day, you want to be as comfortable as possible. The Doona Handlebar Cover not only elevates the look of your Doona, it also provides a comfortable grip for those long strolls, and it’s made of water-repellant materials just in case you get caught in an unexpected shower -  making it one of the top spring essentials for any parent.


Springtime means the weather is changing - bringing a mix of clear, sunny days and cloudy, overcast ones. For those chilly days, keeping baby warm in their stroller is essential. The Doona Footmuff keeps baby snug with it’s lined blanket, and waterproof materials. Now you’re ready for a stroll any time - no matter what the weather!

Insect Net 

April showers bring May flowers… and they also bring plenty of bugs! The Doona Insect Net provides baby with all the protection they need from those pesky insects, while also providing optimal ventilation. Attaching and removing the net is super simple with the easy snap-on attachment.

All-Day Bag

Headed out for a day full of activities? Don’t forget a bag to bring all your baby essentials! The All-Day Bag attaches right onto your Doona, so you can go hands free for any strolls you may be taking. It helps you store all the necessities right where you need them, and keeps them organized for easy access throughout your day. It can hold up to 7 pounds, so you can stay out all day long with everything you’ll need for you and baby. Plus, it comes with a changing pad and thermal bottle holder.

At Doona, we are committed to producing accessories to make your life easier, while enhancing your little ones ride. Whether you’re headed out on a short errand, a long stroll, or an all-day trip, Doona’s accessories make your spring adventures that much better! Happy Spring!

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