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Doona: The Best Stroller And Car Seat To Use After a C-Section

The best stroller and car seat to use after a c-section

Did you know that more than 30% of all births in the U.S. are C-sections? And the rate of C-sections in the U.S. are growing, which means that more and more moms are having to raise their newborns while maintaining a successful post-cesarean recovery period.

So, what’s the best way for a mom to properly recovery while caring for their newborn? The first step is to make sure you’ve got the right vehicle to take your little one home from the hospital – and beyond.

What C- Section recovery is like

After you come home from the hospital, you’ll likely have your incisions and bandages removed and replaced with steri-strips.

You’ll experience soreness and swelling, and will be asked to keep your activity low until you fully recover – that means no chores! And, most obstetricians and gynecologists highly recommend that moms don’t lift anything heavier than their baby for 4-6 weeks or until they’ve completely healed.

Essentially, that means absolutely no lugging around a car seat! Not only will you have a uterine incision, but you can still experience prolapse and urinary incontinence after a c-section – and those are two conditions that are worsened by carrying heavy objects like carriers or car seats.

Why doona rocks for post-cesarean section moms

Doona is the world’s first ever car seat and stroller combo – meaning with the press of a button, the car seat transforms into a stroller, and you can be in and out of your car in seconds. It’s not just the perfect stroller and car seat for city-dwellers and busy moms – it’s also perfect for moms who need to run errands during their post-cesarean recovery.

With Doona, you can convert from stroller to car seat without even waking your little one!

The Doona limits the amount that you have to lift the car seat and ensures you never have to lug it around anywhere. In stroller mode, the Doona can seamlessly weave through narrow grocery aisles, fit in changing rooms, and fit in most family restrooms or disabled toilet stalls.

What’s great about Doona is that although your activity level should be pretty low, it’s highly encouraged that you gently exercise throughout your recovery to lower your risk of blood clots. An easy-to-use car seat and stroller like Doona encourages you to get out and about, take strolls, and get things done without compromising a healthy recovery.

The key to a healthy post-cesarean recovery is help – help from a support system, and the right tools. Don’t settle for anything less than Doona.

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