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Setting intentions instead of resolutions for 2021

Setting intentions instead of resolutions for 2021

This past year has been unlike any other. Full of new eye-opening experiences and challenges that made us grow together and change the way we do things. So, as we say bye to 2020 and prepare to move on to the year ahead, we’re doing things a bit differently. This year, we’re leaning into the satisfaction that comes with embracing who we are, ditching resolutions and instead, setting intentions.

While resolutions involve specific goals and improving something we want to change, intentions focus more on the values we want to exemplify in our life, and the attributes we want to embody, so we can create a better version of ourselves. Here are our best tips to get you started shaping your intentions for 2021.

Reflect on the past year

Before looking ahead, it’s important to do an end of year reflection. What did you accomplish? Find the positive things, even in a difficult year, and pull those into your intentions. Think about what you want to do more of this upcoming year, or what you would like to do differently. Reflect on traits or skills that made you feel empowered and helped you throughout any difficult situations you endured the past year. In a year that was anything but conventional, we’re looking at this blank slate as an opportunity to leave behind what didn’t serve us and create space for the things we love most.

Visualize your intentions

It has been proven that writing things down helps us to absorb them much better. When setting intentions, write them down! Make a list of words that resonate with you, or traits you’d like to embody. If you are even more visually-driven, try creating a vision board with photos that inspire you. This is also a fun craft project to do with your little ones so they too, can look forward to better days ahead!

Create a plan

Setting intentions and visualizing them, is the first step, but sticking to them is a different story. Staying motivated comes down to creating small, attainable ways to keep your intentions throughout the year. For example, if your intention is to practice more gratitude, take a moment each day to write down three things you are grateful for. More importantly, make sure these intentions bring you joy instead of additional stress. Remember, constantly assessing and revising the plan is key to making sure your intentions stick with you for the year ahead.

Incorporate Family

Intentions aren’t just for adults! They can be great for little ones too. Choose something simple such as practicing kindness, and then do something kind for someone else as a family each day. Or, aim to be a better listener, and practice good communication during family discussions.

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