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Quarantine with kids? here are some fun activities for kids at home

Quarantine with kids? here are some fun activities for kids at home

As most of us who are quarantined with kids at home right now already know – it can be tough keeping our little ones entertained, engaged and active. All that energy they’d normally expend in daycare or preschool, is now ours to contend with. Our children need constant stimulation to keep their minds working, and endless movement to keep their bodies developing. And with all this time at home, that dreaded cabin fever can set in fast.

But there is a very lovely bright side to all of this – with some simple and fun games at home, you can make sure to keep your kids busy, which will keep you happy.

Below are our picks for fun activities for kids during a quarantine:

Write a story

Children are natural storytellers. With their limitless imaginations, and innate love for creativity, kids are always ready to come up with a story – the more fantastical the better. Sit down with your kids and encourage them to write their own fairytale, complete with colorful drawings. You’ll not only improve essential cognitive developmental skills like creative thinking and problem solving, you’ll also keep them entertained for hours on end.

Break out the balloons

You’d be hard-pressed to find as versatile a toy as the mighty balloon. Just a few balloons make for a whole host of amazingly fun games at home. Here are just a few:

1) Keep it Moving: don’t let the balloon touch the ground

2) Pop Surprise: fill balloons with special prizes, and have kids try to pop them, without using their hands or feet

3) Balloon Tennis: you can create lightweight rackets using paper plates and popsicle sticks

4) Penguin Waddle: run around the house, keeping a balloon between your knees

5) Keep it Up: have them balance a balloon on their foot, or head 

Let’s go bowling

This is an easy one. Using plastic cups and a tennis ball, create your own makeshift bowling lane in your living room. Teaching your kids to run and restack the cups whenever they fall, is also great exercise for them.

Mission impossible

Get a hallway and some yarn? For this impossibly fun game, that’s pretty much all you need. Tape pieces of the yarn from one side of the hallway to the other, in many different angles. The idea is to make the space look like a laser-protected secure location – which your kids have to pass through without touching any of the strands. You better believe they will use every ounce of energy, flexibility and excitement in this supremely enjoyable and utterly exhausting game.

Ready, Set, Trike!

You’ll need a toddler trike, a yard, and some tape or cones for this game. Set up an entire obstacle course in your backyard, the more challenging the better, and watch as your tyke twists and turns their trike to the finish line. Racing their little tricycles is great exercise, promotes balance and is sure to tire them out! If you don’t have a backyard, a garage will also work perfectly well. And if you’re looking for the perfect toddler tricycle, check out Liki Trike. As the most compact folding trike out there, Liki grows with your baby from 10-36 months, and is sure to get their engines running!

Remember, with the right activities, a bit of energy, and some imagination, you can make every day at home with your little ones an adventure filled with quality time they won’t forget! 

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