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Pregnancy for dads: the ultimate guide

Pregnancy for dads: The ultimate guide

Congrats, father-to-be! With the big day just around the corner, we’re sure you’re going through a whirlwind of emotions. And you may be wondering what you can do to prepare for the arrival of your little one.

So with that in mind, we’ve come up with the ultimate dads’ guide to pregnancy, to make your life, as well as your partner’s, just a little bit easier.

Turn down the heat

This is an easy one, yet most people forget it. When you finally bring home baby, and give them their first bath, you need to make sure your water heater is turned down to 120° Fahrenheit at maximum. You want to avoid the possibility of scalding your baby when they are young. Accidents do happen, so make sure your get this one out of the way ASAP.

Take a prenatal massage class

The experience of pregnancy for dads involves a lot of labor support. And although you may have taken a pregnancy & childbirth class offered by your hospital, they tend to only scratch the surface of birthing techniques. Signing up for a prenatal massage class with your partner will give you extensive knowledge and practical techniques you can use during labor to relieve some of your partner’s pain.

Set up the nursery

After the baby shower, you’ve probably received tons of gifts such as a crib, bassinet, among many others. The last thing you’ll be wanting to do when you bring your newborn home, is to put together baby furniture. Do yourself a favor and put everything together beforehand.

Figure out the financials

Depending on what state you live in and what job you have, you may be eligible for a state- or employer-funded paternity leave or bonding time. Your state’s laws and/or your company’s rules could be quite complicated, so it’s always better to figure out your work plan before the little one arrives.

Finding the right stroller

One of the most important pieces of advice for dads during pregnancy, is to find the right stroller for your growing family’s needs. At Doona, we’ve created the world’s first integrated car seat & stroller in one. Transforming between car seat to stroller in the click of a button, Doona makes it so much easier to get in and out of your car, on and off public transport, or while you’re traveling.

And remember, dad, keeping a level head while mom goes through birth is one of the most helpful things you can do. So try not to worry. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably going to be a great father and supportive partner. Besides, this is where the fun part starts.

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