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Checklist for Simplifying Early Parenting

Our list of tips for early parenting

As parents, we are always on the go, juggling various responsibilities and activities. Our priority is to ensure that our children are healthy and happy, and we are constantly searching for ways to make parenting simpler and more seamless. Whether rushing between school, playdates, appointments, or shopping trips, parenting can be both rewarding and demanding. Luckily, some of the smartest minds out there have devised savvy solutions to the everyday challenges of early parenting. 

At Doona, our mission is all about making parenting more convenient and practical, so you can get back to having fun with the family! So, we’ve come up with our top recommendations for products that simplify parenting so much, it’ll never be the same again. Now, let’s dive into our carefully curated checklist for new parents who are looking for products that make being a parent a bit  less complicated. 


In order to make feeding as enjoyable for you as it is for your baby, you’ll need some tricks up your sleeve, recognizing that both breastfeeding and formula feeding come with their own challenges. We suggest trying a hands-free or wearable breast pump for breastfeeding mothers, or a formula dispenser or mixing pitcher for formula feeding parents. These tools allow you to prepare bottles, soothe your baby, or simply relax on the couch, all while tending to your baby's next meal. For those with little ones already enjoying solids, a baby food maker can be a total game changer.You can also use a soup blender or Nutribullet, depending on what you have on hand. Just place your chosen ingredients inside, press go, and then circle back to blend it all up! This approach offers you mere minutes away from a quicker, healthier, and more affordable solution for your baby's best nutrition, regardless of your feeding choice.


Sometimes you’ll do anything to avoid a…sticky situation. We get you! That’s why we believe every new parent should have a wipeable changing mat. If your kiddo’s diapers tend to require a whole clean up crew, you won’t have to worry about constantly washing your mat or its cover. To make life even easier, we recommend a wipeable mat that can also fold or roll up for on the go moments. One of our top tips for new parents is to add a changing bag with a built-in mat to your repertoire. Trust us, when you’re out and about you’ll want the easiest, cleanest solution for your baby’s dirty diaper.


Sometimes it can feel like a full-time job just to get your little one feeling sleepy before bedtime. Luckily, there are machines ready to do all the work for you. So, before you hop in the car to drive in circles around the neighborhood, try out a 2 in 1 sound and light machine or a rocker. Not only can it serve as a cute, subtle night light to put your kiddo at ease, but it can also produce calming noises to help them feel relaxed and ready to snooze. If you have a toddler who needs  something more engaging, consider listening to audio bedtime stories. You can choose stories based on your child’s interests and let the audio gently drift them right into a peaceful sleep. This is a perfect solution for days when you are too exhausted to tell stories, giving you more time to rest. 


Having fun with your kids can be a bit messy sometimes, especially if you have to deal with scattered toys all over the floor. But why should the fun stop? That’s where a drawstring play mat bag comes in handy. You can lay it out anywhere and let your child play with their favorite toys. And when it's time to leave, all you have to do is pull the cord to scrunch it up, with no clean up required. To make playtime even more fun and mess-free, upgrade playtime with reusable stickers. This might sound simple, but it’s actually a life saver. Instead of having your walls decorated with markers, your child can have fun learning about animals, vehicles, nature or whatever else they are interested in. 


If you have a toddler ready for potty training, you may find yourself in need of a device that can simplify parenting during one of the more challenging moments. Fortunately, a potty training watch can help you and your child. This watch uses an interactive interface to remind your child when to use the potty every day and helps establish toilet time as a habit. Plus, it makes the process extra exciting, so they will be more eager to use the bathroom. As your child begins to understand the process, reusable stickers can be used to decorate your toilet training chart. 


Whether they’re taking a quick trip to the grocery store or a long-haul flight, parents need the right on-the-go solutions to make movement simple. At Doona, we know how difficult it can be to juggle just about everything as a parent. Including all of the many amazing products out there. That’s why we’ve innovated revolutionary multi-functional solutions to simplify parenting. Our Doona Car Seat & Stroller transforms from a car seat to a stroller with just the click of a button. So when you’re out and about you can go from the road to the sidewalk with ease. When your child is ready for some independence, our Liki Trike lets them pedal to their heart's content with a handle for parents to stroll with control. It’s not only a fun way to keep your child entertained while on the go, it’s actually one of the most convenient too. The Liki is the most compact folding toddler trike on the market. Plus, it has four modes of use that enable it to grow right alongside toddlers riding it.

We hope our new parent checklist for making early parenting simpler gives you the tips you need to make your job as a parent that much simpler, so you can focus more of your time and energy on enjoying the tiny giggles, big adventures, and all the good stuff in between! 

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