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Mother's Day gifts kids can make

Mother's Day gifts kids can make

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and one of the best ways to show thanks is through homemade gifts! They are not only fun for your children to make, but will be something mama will cherish for years. No matter their age, getting your little one involved will help them feel included, and teach them how important it is to show love and appreciation for important role models in their life. Here are a few fun Mother’s Day gifts kids can make (with the help of an adult), that are sure to make mama smile.

Baked goods 

What better way to celebrate than with some sweet treats? Not only will mom love them, but baking with little ones encourages cognitive development such as problem solving and creativity. You can use cookie cutters or shape them by hand, then have your kids pick out some fun decorations like colorful icing and sprinkles. For an extra touch, try having your little one decorate a box to display the cookies in!

DIY jewelry 

The best type of jewelry is customized. This is the perfect opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece for mom! Use large, colorful beads, and let your child string them together in a pattern they think mom will love. Or, try using large wooden beads and painting them. Create a necklace, bracelet, or both!

Jewelry storage 

Whether you create your own jewelry or buy her a nice piece from the store, she’ll need a place to store them. Grab a wooden box or carton, and help your child decorate it with paint, glitter, stickers, or anything else they like! You can even put their handprint on it to mark this time in their life, or write a special note to mom on the inside. This gift is both meaningful and functional, as she can store anything she likes inside.

Artistic creations 

A custom drawing or painting is something mom can cherish for years. The best part about this gift is there are so many possibilities! Your little one can draw with colored pencils, markers or paints, and can do a self-portrait, family portrait, or anything else they may dream up.

Homemade coasters 

Does mom love her morning coffee, or evening glass of wine? Make a coaster that’s perfect for her everyday use! This is another one where kids can get creative — use any materials such as wood, tile, or felt. Little ones may need help with this one if there are heavier materials involved. But they can paint or decorate them any way they like, and even make multiple unique pieces.

Photo frame

If there’s one thing parents love, its photos of their children. Creating a special way to display mom’s favorite photos is sure to make her day. Grab a cheap frame from the craft store (or make your own out of cardboard or wood) and get to decorating! Your little one can use buttons, stickers, paint, dried flowers, and any other fun items to make this frame special. Then, pick out mom’s favorite photo and get it printed to put in the frame. Voila!

Mamas work hard all the time, so one day is hardly enough to show gratitude for all they do. However, spending time and effort on a heartfelt gift is sure to make that one day truly special! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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