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Most Clever Family Travel Hacks

Most clever family travel hacks

Getting ready to travel with the entire family in tow? We understand that you may be in full-on planning mode – so we’ve collected the most tried-and-true hacks from Doona moms and dads.

1. Seal bottles with saran wrap

It’s a travel rite of passage: you bring your kids’ favorite body wash in your checked luggage, only to discover it exploded all over your clothes mid-transit.
But don’t just settle for expensive solid soaps just yet – you can fortify any bottle by taking off the shampoo’s cap, covering the bottle opening with cling film, and screwing the cap on top.

2. Snap a pic

There’s nothing more devastating than losing a camera with your precious vacation memories! Before you set out, take a picture of an index card with your email in it and put it in all your SD cards – a kind Samaritan may find your camera and be nice enough to return it!

3. Follow the dotted lines

Not every destination is going to give you internet access, so if you’d still like an offline digital map, Google Maps can still help. Before your trip, open your destination on Google Maps. Near the bottom of the map, there should be a ‘More’ button. Tap that, then select ‘Download’.
And Voila, a free offline map!

4. Download google translate

The same goes for Google Translate. There’s an option for you to download a translator for free, and it doesn’t take up too much space on your phone.

5. Pack an empty water bottle

Don’t want to buy a $9 bottle of water at the airport? Pack multiple empty water bottles in your carry on, then once you pass through security, fill your water bottles.

6. Put shoes In shower caps

Tired of your shoes getting scuffed in your luggage? Just wrap your shoes inside a disposable shower cap, it’s as simple as that.

7. Use a Lint roller for little crumbs

Things can get messy when you travel with little kids. But with a lint roller, you can grab little crumbs, lint, and any dirt with ease.

8. Opt for Comfy Clothes

A comfortable kid is a happy kid. Turn any flight or road trip into an adventure by dressing them in pajamas and keeping them nice and cozy.

9. Bring Tape To Childproof Rooms

Unfortunately, hotel rooms won’t be child-proofed. But it’s nothing a roll of tape can’t handle; before you settle into your room, tape up outlets, cabinets and toilet seats.

10. Use The Liner In The Ice Bucket For Stinky Diapers

Most hotel rooms won’t have trash cans with lids, either, creating a potentially stinky situation when it’s time to change diapers. Fortunately, most ice buckets have a clear plastic liner in them that you can use to seal up dirty diapers before you put them in the trash.

11. Use A Chip Clip Or Clothespin Hanger

Worried about sunny island skies keeping you and your kids up? Bring a chip clip or clothespin hanger to keep shades closed during nap times.

12. Pack Instant Oatmeal For The Hotel Coffee Maker

You may have to get a bit creative when there’s no time to head down to the hotel breakfast. Lucky for you, most hotel rooms have a coffee maker you can use to boil water with for instant oatmeal or ramen.

13. Always Get TSA Precheck Or TSA Family Lanes

TSA Pre-check is an absolute must for families that need to get through airport in one piece. All you have to do is sign your family up online months before your trip, make an in-person appointment, and your wait through the security line will be less than 5 minutes! And if it’s too late to get it, many airports have TSA Family Lanes that let you bypass the typical lines – just look for the signs.

14. Call Concierge For Trusted Sitters

Need a vacation from your vacation? Your hotel’s concierge should have recommendations for trusted babysitters in the area, so you and your partner can have an evening out without having to lug the kids around.

15. Opt For Travel-Friendly Carriers And Trikes

Can you still travel light with a carrier, stroller and trike? Of course you can! There are new, travel-friendly options like the Doona Car Seat and Stroller, and the compact Liki Trike that are perfect for making life easier for jet-setting families. In fact, the Doona goes from car seat to stroller with the push of a button, while the Liki Trike offers a dual steering system while still being foldable and compact.

16. Use A Bracelet With Address Or Temporary Tattoo

Not content to put your name and address on a card that could fall out of your tot’s pocket? If you’re worried about losing your kid in a crowd, you could order an adorable bracelet with your contact information, or for a cooler alternative, a temporary tattoo!

Hopefully, our helpful travel tips will have you turning from Doc McStuffin’s to MacGyver! And with the assistance of our Doona and Liki Trike, you can have the smoothest, stress-free vacation that you and your family will remember forever.

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