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Mental health tips for new moms

Mental health tips for new moms

The first few months of being a first-time mom are filled with powerful, unforgettable moments. The rush of emotions, the profound connection with your little one, and the joys of unconditional love are all memories that will last a lifetime. 

However, with all those wonderful and positive feelings come an equal amount of anxiety and stress. As a new mom, you can face a flood of ever-changing hormones, all exacerbated by a troublesome sleep schedule. Being in the thick of being a new parent can feel overwhelming, which is why it's critical to trust yourself and the process. It’s crucial for your health and baby’s that you put your mental health first. The following tips can help you decrease stress, boost energy, and support your mental health. 

Take the time for self-care

One of the most vital parts of our mental health is self-care. As a new mom, you may not have the time for spa treatments or spending the day out at your favorite cafe, so find time throughout each day to focus on yourself. Take a few moments to breathe deeply or have a cup of coffee or tea. As your baby grows, you will find more time to include activities like taking a bath, doing yoga, trying out a face mask, or reading a book. Remember to ask for help from those around you.

Cut down on social media

Social media can be a positive place and provide a sense of community for new parents, yet have a negative impact. From opinions from others, differing advice, and a whole host of information, it can be overwhelming. As a new mom, limiting your time on social media can help you disconnect and focus on your own experience with your baby. After all, each parent's journey is different.

Practice positive self-talk

It can be difficult as a parent to feel confident. Whether you are worrying about if you are doing enough for your child, how fast your body is bouncing back, or just feeling overwhelmed and drained, your mind can take a real beating during the first few months of parenthood. Be your own advocate and remind yourself during this time to be kind, practice affirmations, and speak positively about yourself and your abilities as a parent. Know that there is no one right way, and you are doing the absolute best you can!

Remember this is temporary

The newborn stage is both significant and demanding. Not only are you helping your baby navigate through the beginning of their life, but you're also adjusting to your new life as a parent. Remember that this stage doesn't last forever, even on the most challenging days. Try to cherish each moment because they are growing and changing, and so are you.

Invest in convenience

Finding products that make your life easier is a type of joy only parents understand! Whether it be an innovative bottle, an easy-to-use carrier, or a product that does double duty, like the Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller, it is always worth it. Using products that save time and energy gives you more time to focus on your mental health and bond with your little one. 

While in this new phase, appreciate every moment and enjoy the extraordinary journey of being a mom.

At Doona, we’ve always been committed to providing modern families with innovative and functional products, such as our Doona Car Seat & Stroller and Liki Trike, that make parenting simple. Because when parenting is simple, it makes it that much more rewarding.

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