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Make back to school simple

Make back to school simple

Ah, the beautiful fall season has arrived! And with it, our favorite time of the year: back to school!

As parents, this is a time to get back into the routine. For kids, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with. After an intense year of distance learning, returning to the classroom is more exciting this time around. Picking up school supplies, running those last-minute errands, and setting up all those schedules can be as hectic as it is happy. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing(s) to make returning your little ones to the classroom a breeze: Doona Car Seat & Stroller and Liki Trike! Here are just some of the ways Doona and Liki make back to school simple.


Parents who have experienced the school season before will know just how stressful drop-offs and pick-ups can be! Making the commute to your little one’s school as simple as possible is key to a smooth transition into the classroom. If you’ve got a younger sibling tagging along with you, Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller makes bringing them in the car easy and convenient. If you’re walking your child into their class, you can easily switch to stroller mode to get baby too!


Live nearby school? Walking your child to school is a great way to get some fresh air and start each day off right! Liki Trike is a fun way for them to get excited about heading to school and allows you to keep control of steering near busy streets. Just place it in the parent or push mode to maintain full steering abilities, or if your little one is ready for a bit more independence, put it in tricycle or bike mode. Then, when you’ve dropped them off at the classroom, and it’s time to head back, Liki Trike folds up so you can easily carry it home.


Getting the perfect supplies for your child helps set them up for success and helps them get excited about using everything they picked out. Liki Trike is the ideal stroller alternative for busy days full of shopping. Or, bring along Doona Car Seat & Stroller for the baby, and don’t forget you All-Day Bag to carry all those school supplies!


One of the most important things to help get your child ready for school is to foster their independence. Allowing them to explore the world around them helps them build confidence and makes entering a classroom that much easier. Liki Trike puts them in control, letting them steer and pedal. Try taking a trip to their school during the summer, so they can explore the area and get a feel for where they’ll be spending each day. Riding their Liki Trike around the campus or nearby neighborhoods will help them understand that they can take on the world on their own!


Making connections outside of school with their classmates is an integral part of a child’s school experience. Try making arrangements to meet up with other families at a local park! Liki Trike is an excellent way for kids to play together with minimal help from their parents. Whether it’s racing, obstacle courses, or just riding around, it will help them build confidence, make memories, and create friendships!

At Doona, we’re all about creating innovative products that make parenting simple. As a parent with young kids, we know that life can get pretty hectic, which is why we make sleek, innovative, and functional products that help you keep moving for all your adventures.

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