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Insights series on fatherhood and community with Miles Garber

Insights series on fatherhood and community with Miles Garber

In our latest Insights Series, we’re chatting with Miles Garber, creator of Call Me Dada Co about modern fatherhood and his work creating a supportive online community for parents. Miles shares all about his experience as a parent and influencer providing realistic content that helps other parents feel more confident and connected to their kids!

What is your company, Call Me Dada Co all about?

Call Me Dada is a platform first and foremost. “Its aim is to be a safe place and a realistic viewpoint of modern Fatherhood.”

What inspired you to launch this platform?

I wanted to create a platform for Fathers. When I was becoming a Father I found that the outlets I saw were quite corny and unrealistic. It seemed that the zeitgeist had made it feel like Dads don’t have a real connection with their children. It was as if we were just there to complain about diapers and bills. That’s not how I felt or feel at all about Fatherhood.

How do you decide what content is most relevant and valuable for parents to see?

I truly just post about what’s poignant to me. This is my lived experience. It’s not always pretty and I don’t want to just be another influencer lying about how amazing everything is all the time. Parenting is hard. Affording children is hard. It’s all hard.

What has been the most important lesson you have learned as a parent that you try to share with your community?

That no dollar amount, no amount of fancy clothes, no amazing private school, no luxury car will ever amount to time spent with your child. Children need their parents more than any of that stuff.

Can you tell us a little bit more about how becoming a parent has shaped you?

Before being a dad I was just a wild person. I did what I wanted, I hung my freak flag proudly. Since becoming a dad everything I do, say or get involved in has to be about my daughter and how it affects her in the long run.

How would you describe your parenting style?

I am very loose haha. I let my daughter feel how she feels and lead me in a lot of ways. Obviously there are perimeters I set. My daughter is very polite (please and thank you is a must in my house and in public) which I’m very proud of. But overall, I want my kid to simply be a kid.

What advice do you have for parents to boost their confidence in their role as a parent?

LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! Your instincts as a parent are THOUSANDS of years old. No one can tell you what you innately know best.

How do you see Call Me Dada developing in the future?

I hope it grows and becomes something positive for other parents. I hope I can help people feel comfortable in their own skin by being a person who’s honest.

Miles Garber is a father, singer, model, influencer, and the creator of Call Me Dada Co., an online community providing supportive content as a resource for parents. Stay connected with Miles through his instagram handle @callmedadaco.

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