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Insights on Kids Fall Fashion Tips With Wendy Lam

Insights on kids fall fashion tips with Wendy Lam

Look for inspiration

One of Wendy Lam’s biggest pieces of advice is to find inspiration. Just like with your own fashion, drawing inspiration from what’s around you can really help you ensure your kids are always looking stylish. Looking at photos in magazines, online, or watching what others are wearing gives you a good jumping-off point to create your own style.

“I find inspiration in everything from people watching to social media to just sizing down what I wear and trying to get a similar vibe for the baby. I usually like to start with a simple color palette and work from there.”


Remember to keep their comfort in mind, and keep in simple and effortless! With the right accessories, any outfit can be easily elevated. This year it’s all about colorful high socks, silk patterned scrunchies, mini belt bags and corduroy hats.

“The right pair of kicks can make any simple outfit stand out.”

Mind the weather 

Depending on where you live, the climate may change a lot throughout the course of the year. During the fall and winter seasons, it’s so important to keep your little ones warm. Be sure to have some stylish socks, fashionable coats, and cozy hats to make sure they are comfortable. Layering can really help you reuse pieces from other seasons!

Go online

There are tons of different fashion apps that will select and send you different outfits based on your tastes, which you then wear and send back when you’re done. With kids’ lightning-fast and seemingly never-ending growth patterns - this could be the ideal solution to dressing your kid up to the nines, while saving yourself a bunch of outgrown outfits.

Keep it practical 

Instead of going for new, trendy pieces, Wendy suggests keeping it simple. As most parents know, buying lots of clothes for your growing children can really add up. Choosing timeless and slightly oversized pieces that won’t go out of style will allow your kids to get so much more wear out of their clothing, and you can even reuse them for future little ones!

“Simple and classic color palettes and clean lines. Classics never go out of style!”

Get their input 

Even if your little one is still young, they are learning to form their own opinions, and creating their own aesthetic can be used as a form of positive self-expression. Try having them help you choose between two options, or watch for what they tend to like and dislike. When it comes to clothes, the more they like to wear them, the easier it will be to get them dressed!

Trends for fall 2020 

For girls this year, chunky sweaters, matching sweat sets, and floral prints are definitely in style. With so many color options, they are easy to pair with almost anything for a stylish look. For boys, this season is all about mini bomber jackets, flannel long-sleeved shirts, and graphic sweatshirts. Pair with some nice boots and you’ve got the perfect fall outfit for your little one.

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