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Ideas for creating new holiday traditions in your family

Ideas for creating new holiday traditions in your family

Traditions are a wonderful way to create excitement, celebrate the season, and spend quality time together as a family! Some of the simplest ideas will create beautiful memories. Families often have traditions passed down, but sometimes, the process of creating new holiday traditions together is a bonding experience in itself.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for creating a new family tradition you and your loved ones can start this holiday season!

Gifting ornaments

A fun way to create a collection that represents your family’s most memorable moments is by getting a new ornament each year! Make it one that depicts a big event or milestone that happened that year, and hang it on your tree together. As your children grow up, you’ll get to look back on all the biggest moments from years past.

12 Nights of books

Reading with little ones is such a great way to bond, while getting them excited for the holidays! Wrap up 12 books in the days leading up to Christmas, and let them open one each day. Then, read the books together as a family at bedtime. This will help them to wind down for the night, while also keeping them engaged each day before the holiday arrives.

Neighborhood stroll

One of the simplest activities to do as a family is take a walk around your neighborhood! Get into your pajamas and walk the streets looking at all the lights and decorations. You can even bring snacks or hot chocolate.
This is such a fun way to get a little fresh air, and get in the holiday spirit. Plus, you know it will be different every year!

Donations to charity

Giving back to others is something that can really bring a family together, and instills compassion in little ones. You can either go to the store to pick out some toys or other items for kids in need, or even make your own gifts such as homemade blankets or snack boxes. Then, go deliver them to a charitable organization who will ensure it gets into the hands of those who need it most.

Festive treats

Baking together is always fun! You can either make the same yummy recipe each year, or switch it up and do something new. Kids love to help out in the kitchen, and eat sweet treats of course. Be sure to let your little ones be involved in the process of choosing a recipe, and licking the big spoon!

Remember, the best part about traditions is spending time together. It creates something you and your little ones can look forward to every year! For all of your strolls or drives through the winter lights, be sure you’ve got the right products, like the Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller, which transforms from a car seat to a stroller at the click of a button; or Liki Trike, the most compact folding trike on the market. We hope this list has helped you and your loved
ones to start creating your own festive traditions. Happy holidays, from all of us at Doona!

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