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How To Keep Baby Cool In A Car Seat

How to keep baby cool in a car seat

As we cruise through the summer and all its glory, filled with endless day trips and beach days, we think it's important to talk about one particularly inglorious aspect of the summer - dealing with little ones in the heat. Car rides on hot days can be really tough for babies, so keeping them nice and cool in their car seat is of the utmost importance. Modern car seats typically do a great job of keeping our kids comfortable in thick padding that’s designed for safety - but a downside to this is that babies overheat, especially in a rear-facing seat.

Sunshades, a lifesaver!

On hot days it’s important to keep the sun out of your car as much as possible. Putting up reflective sun shades on your dashboard when you leave your car will have a huge impact on the temperature. Consistently a car seat sunshade while driving will also help with avoiding direct sun exposure for your little one will keeping them nice and cool.

Comfy clothes

Dressing your little one in breathable clothing will make all the difference in keeping them comfortable while they're on-the-go. Avoid denim or heavy cotton, because the last thing you want is to put baby in a hot car in even hotter clothing. Light cotton or linen is the perfect choice to keep baby fresh and sweat-free.

Keep those windows tinted

Tinting your windows is a great way to block the sun and cool down your car. The darker windows will stop the sun from heating up your interior directly. It’s a great way to avoid those heat waves, and it looks stylish too!

Get a little misty

Another way to keep baby cool in a car seat is to try to keep a spray bottle or damp cloth close at hand. It’s a great way to ensure they don’t overheat, and they’ll even have fun at the same time. They’ll love having something to keep them occupied as they enjoy the ride.

Light interiors for the win

Instead of going for the black leather seats, try something lighter so it doesn’t burn you when you or baby, sit down. The lighter the color, the cooler it will stay. White interiors have a potential temperature that is 50 degrees cooler than black interiors. If you can, opt for lighter colored seats, or try investing in seat liners.

Set off at sunrise

Early morning trips can be great for baby’s sleep schedule and, more importantly, for keeping them comfortable. In the morning, the sun is not as strong so your car will be much more refreshing for baby.

Keep it cool

If you can, turn on the car and AC so you can cool your car before the ride, but make sure you are in the car when you do so, to avoid any complications. Try to let the car cool down for about 5 minutes. That should be enough to bring the interior temperature down.

Get the right car seat

When choosing your car seat, you’ll want to take many factors into consideration. Safety, convenience, and functionality should all play a major part in your decision. Luckily, Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller Combo makes it easy. Plus, Doona also transforms from a car seat to stroller in seconds, meaning you can get your little ones in and out of the car with ease - allowing baby to feel nice and cool.

In the end, it really all comes down to preparation. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to keep your little one comfortable, especially when they enjoy the seat they’re riding in. Stay cool out there!

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