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Honoring Black History Month with toddlers

Honoring Black History Month with toddlers

February is Black History Month - a time to appreciate the achievements, innovations, and contributions to our society by African Americans. This is a time to celebrate diversity and the important Black figures in our history, and continuing to spread that knowledge all year round. 

There are many ways to get kids excited about their favorite historical figures, and help them to retain this knowledge into their future. So with that said, let’s take a look at some great Black History Month activities for toddlers!

Story time

One of the best ways for children to learn is through reading and storytelling. There is a huge selection of children’s books and poetry selections that highlight the accomplishments of African American figures throughout history. From music and sports, to slavery and stanzas by Maya Angelou, there are enough books and motivational verses to last the whole month, for children of any age.


Making traditional soul food dishes is a delicious way to celebrate with your little ones. From chicken pot pie to candied yams, the possibilities are truly endless. And to be honest, your whole family will love some homemade comfort food for those cold weather cravings.

Art projects

Making crafts is one of the best ways to keep little ones engaged and entertained while learning about important subjects. Introduce your toddler to events important in Black History through crafts using things you already have at home such as paper, toilet paper rolls, or paint. Or, create a collage using website printouts, magazines and newspapers. Drawing and coloring gets the imagination going - and helps little ones retain information. After reading books or talking about influential African American figures, let your child choose their favorite and draw a picture together that represents their story. Use your creativity to bring that figure to life, and then color it in!

Quote of the day

A fun way to celebrate Black History Month with your little one is by reading a quote or fact each day. This keeps the learning going all month long, without your toddler getting too much information at one time. Create an advent calendar they can scratch off, or a large jar they can pull a piece of paper out of each day. Then read the quote or fact together, and talk about it!


Finding new ways to move while indoors is key. Teach the story of Black History culture to your kids through dance. Each movement has a history, and when it comes to African American influenced dance, there are so many styles to choose from such the Charleston, Twist, and Cakewalk, to name a few. We suggest watching choreographed clips and mimicking them with the entire family.

At Doona, we’re all about spending quality time with our little ones, on any occasion. Remember that these are special moments that will stay with you and your whole family for a lifetime. So however you decide to celebrate Black History Month, make sure you spend it together!

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