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Festive fun in the kitchen: toddler approved holiday recipes

Festive fun in the kitchen: toddler approved holiday recipes

The holiday season is around the corner, and what better way to spread joy than by getting your little ones involved in the kitchen? Even though toddlers are small, their excitement for baking and creating delicious treats is endless. Not only does baking teach valuable skills like measuring, mixing and following instructions, but it also helps develop their creativity and imagination. Plus, it’s the perfect way to spend quality time together as a family during the holiday season. 

There are plenty of simple and easy recipes that you can try with your little ones, from festive fruit kabobs, christmas quesadillas, latkes and more. Just be sure to supervise them closely and keep any dangerous tools out of reach. Gather your aprons and prepare to create unforgettable memories with your family that will become a cherished tradition.

Avocado Christmas trees 

If you’re searching for a healthy and delicious breakfast or lunch idea to enjoy during the holidays, try these Avocado Christmas Trees. This is a balanced bite that contains avocado, tomato, tortilla wraps and cheese, plus it’s super easy for your kids to make. They can mash and spread the avocado, cut out little stars and place tomatoes on top. 

Holiday chocolate chip sprinkle bars 

Whether you’re hosting holiday parties or just want a recipe that’s delicious to enjoy with the family, these holiday chocolate chip sprinkle bars are the ideal dessert. They are soft, chocolatey, and add pops of color. Have your toddler mix all the ingredients together and pick their favorite holiday-themed color sprinkles to add to the bars. 

Reindeer apple slices 

Transform apple slices into adorable reindeer. For a sweet snack, grab some apples, peanut butter, pretzels, mini cookies of your choice, blueberries or raspberries, and homemade googly eyes. It’s a hands-on and tasty craft project your little ones will love. If you’re looking for something more filling, check out these holiday bagels that are perfect for breakfast. 

Homemade hot chocolate mix

Put together a special treat for a stocking stuffer or a gift for friends and family by creating your own hot chocolate mix. For a homemade, healthy version, you can use cacao powder. Let your toddler help measure out ingredients and layer them in jars for a visually appealing gift. Add toppings such as mini marshmallows or crushed candy canes for an extra touch of sweetness. 

Festive fruit kabobs

For a hassle-free and kid-friendly treat, you can try making Santa Banana Pops. This is a fun twist on traditional fruit kabobs that you can prepare in just a few minutes. To make these pops, you will need bananas, marshmallows, and strawberries. Start by cutting your bananas in half, peeling them, and placing them on a stick for easy handling. Next, cut marshmallows into thirds and place a piece on top of each banana. Slice the tops off strawberries and place them on top of each marshmallow to create Santa's hat. Finally, add the finishing touches by topping each strawberry with a mini marshmallow, mini chocolate chips for the eyes, and a red M&M for the nose. You can find variations of this recipe on Pinterest. 

Christmas quesadillas

Add some cheesy holiday cheer to your kid’s favorite meal, and try making Christmas quesadillas. With just a few simple ingredients, you can turn this classic dish into a festive treat. Grab a gingerbread cookie cutter and shape your tortilla. Simply cook your quesadillas as usual, add colorful toppings such as red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes or thinly sliced carrots to decorate with buttons, faces, hair and other creative designs. 

Potato latkes

Elevate your holiday table with a crispy delight. Potato latkes are a classic Hanukkah treat. Shred potatoes, mix in onions, eggs, and flour, and fry until golden brown. For a healthier nutritious version, you can air fry or bake in the oven or use alternative ingredients such as carrots, zucchinis or sweet potatoes. Traditionally, these delicious fritters are served with dollops of sour cream or applesauce. Serve them as an appetizer, side dish or even the main course. 

Snowman pizzas

Bring the magic of winter into your kitchen with adorable snowman pizzas. Roll out pizza dough and shape it into snowmen, or for a quick alternative, use English muffins as the base. Spread tomato sauce, sprinkle mozzarella, and grab all your favorite toppings. You can use olives for the eyes and mouth, orange peppers for the nose, and red peppers for the scarf. To add an extra touch, use breadsticks to create arms. 

Embrace the holiday spirit with our curated collection of toddler-approved recipes for your family. At Doona, we’re dedicated to making the holiday season stress-free. Explore our expert tips and innovative products, such as the Doona Car Seat & Stroller and Liki Trike, designed to add ease and joy to your parenting journey. Happy cooking and happy holidays from Doona!

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