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Family staycation ideas that’ll make you feel like you’re traveling

Family staycation ideas that’ll make you feel like you’re traveling

As most of us are staying home right now, the cabin fever may be starting to set in. The weather is getting warmer, summer is approaching, and you’re probably just about ready for a nice long vacation. 

Even though there may not be a European holiday in your near future, the good news is there are so many amazing ways to have a vacation at home! Travel anywhere you want - no airline ticket or hotel reservations required. So gather the whole family, choose your destination, and enjoy a much-needed vacation day with these family staycation ideas.

Go backyard camping

Explore the great outdoors, right in your backyard! Grab some camping gear and set up a full campsite experience. Pitch a tent, get your sleeping bags set up, and even light a campfire. No place for a fire? No problem, just make some smores in the microwave! Whether you spend your time outside telling spooky stories, gazing at the stars or just enjoying time together, reconnecting with nature is a perfect way to destress, and a great way to feel like you’re off in the forest far away. 

Take a virtual tour 

With so many of us indoors right now, there are tons of companies making virtual tours available for you and your little ones! Take a walk through some gorgeous National Parks without leaving your home. Or, visit your favorite museum, pretending each room in your house is a new exhibit. Looking for some magic? Experience iconic Disney rides right from your living room. To make these tours even more fun, grab your Liki Trikeso your little one can ride through all the adventures!

Explore a foreign country from home

Is there somewhere far away you’ve always dreamed of going? Bring a taste of that remote destination into your home by having a themed day! Be sure to do some research ahead of time, and then get ready to recreate your home into a whole new place. Try making a traditional recipe from that country, decorating your home to match it’s aesthetic, playing some music in it’s language and even watching a movie that’s set there!

A staycation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of the adventure or luxury of a real family vacation. In fact, it’s really a great time to connect as a family, and use this time to make amazing memories. 

At Doona, we’re dedicated to making parenting simpler, easier and more enjoyable. That’s why we created smart and functional travel baby accessories like our Doona Car Seat &
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