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Educational toys for kids: The ultimate guide

Educational toys for kids: The ultimate guide

With summer in full swing and school out, kids have some extra time on their hands. Whether promoting imaginative play or developing new vocabulary skills, you can keep children engaged, challenged, and away from their screens on long summer days. To avoid the summer slide, check out our top picks of educational toys below.

What are educational toys for kids?

An educational toy is an object of play designed to stimulate learning while children play. Often intended to develop fine or gross motor skills, language development, cognitive ability, social skills, and other important milestones, educational toys help kids grow and mature into their later years. Several types of toys provide different educational opportunities, such as sensory toys, electronic toys, simple wooden toys made in the Montessori tradition, movement toys, and more. Whether a child is learning about themselves, the world, or core subjects such as vocabulary or math, these toys make playtime much more rewarding.

Lego and assembly toys

Toys such as LEGO and wooden blocks have been around for decades, and there are good reasons; they align perfectly between fun and educational. While stacking, sorting, and building, a child shapes who they are by developing and learning valuable skills such as creativity, confidence, coordination, spatial vision, and more, which sets them up to succeed in the future.

First 100 Words book

An interactive and great way to build a baby and toddler's vocabulary is a 'First 100 Words' book. Featuring more than 100 colorful pages of objects, colors, shapes, fruits, veggies, animals, sports, clothing, and modes of transportation, this book is the perfect essential to a first learning bookshelf and helps your child build an understanding of the world around them. To purchase a copy, click here.

Shape matching board

A Wooden Puzzle Board is a perfect example of a Montessori toy, a simple toy made out of natural materials that stimulate learning by encouraging kids to experiment. Filled with colorful and intriguing shapes, Wooden Puzzle Boards are sure to engage children to the fullest. While discovering the correct spots for each piece, they gain motor skills such as hand dexterity, matching, and concentration. Plus, the colors and images printed on each shape can add educational value.

Role playing toys

From playing pretend doctor to becoming a top chef, imaginative play and encouraging your kids' imaginations to run wild with role-playing toys has countless benefits for their development. Ignite your children's creativity and invest in medical playsets, tool kits, a play kitchen, or even a vet kit. In addition to the endless hours of entertainment, these perfect role-play toys support cognitive and social skills and improve vocabulary and overall development.

When shopping for the best educational toys for kids, it’s important to remember one essential fact: if you want to help your child learn and grow in a healthy way, they’re going to need your support and patience every step of the way.

At Doona, we’re here to support you along your own unique journey. We created our Doona Car Seat & Stroller and Liki Triketo make parenting simpler for every family. We also offer helpful parenting tips filled with information that’ll help you be the best parent you can be — such as a recent article on Toddler Toys that Boost Mobility, which will help you guide your little ones as they become more independent.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best educational toys for kids. Now go have fun!

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