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Doona’s Favorite Road Trip Games For Toddlers

Doona’s favorite road trip games for toddlers

Are you hitting the road with a toddler? Don’t worry – those long stretches of road are actually the perfect time to bond with your little one. Rather than just setting a tablet in front of them with their favorite show and hoping for the best, you can enrich those long car rides with some fun games that keep them happy and busy in between nap times. In fact, we’ve got our favorite road trip games for toddlers below!

Counting cows

Kids love driving by animals anyways, but now you can use a ‘cow-culator’ to help them practice counting!

The quiet game

This evil genius of a travel game is awesome for giving you some quiet time. If you’re traveling with more than one toddler, you can have them compete for who can stay quiet the longest. The first one to talk or make a noise, loses! And remember, it’s harder for little ones to not move than to move, so this game is more challenging than you think.

I spy with my little eye

This classic game goes like this: passengers take turns looking out the window. You can pick anything, like a cow and say, “I spy with my little eye, something brown,” and riders have to guess what it. To make things easier for your little one (and keep in mind you’ll be passing by these objects pretty quickly) remember to pick something common or incredibly noticeable, like a horse or a big red barn.

The numbers game

Get your toddler alert and counting with a simple numbers game. All you have to do is ask them to find 10 things or any object, like traffic signs or trucks. You can even give them a small dry erase board and a marker to keep score! If you want, you make it harder by choosing a letter of the alphabet and having them count objects that start with that letter.


You can’t lose with bubbles. Toddlers are absolutely entranced with bubbles; so with an adult passenger sitting near the baby, and a bubble solution in a spill-proof container, you’ve got the recipe for a bubble.

Animal noises

Add a little fun and performance to the road trip by taking turns making animal sounds and guessing what the animal is.

Twenty questions

For 20 questions, choose a person, place or thing and give your little one 20 chances to guess what it is. Offer them simple clues, like its size and color, whether it’s a character in their favorite book or an animal they know and love. Family road trips are truly amazing experiences – yes, even with a toddler or two. And with the right car games, you’re going to
remember your little one’s terrific twos for a very long time. Want to keep the journey going? Give your toddler the ride of a lifetime with Liki Trike, the world’s most compact folding trike. With the Liki Trike, even when you’ve reached your destination, your little one can still ride in style.

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