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Creative Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

Creative ways to celebrate Father’s Day

With Father’s Day weekend fast approaching, now’s the time to start planning the perfect celebration for dad. The best kind of Father’s Day celebration is one where you spend quality time together as a family. So, here are some of our favorite fun and creative ways to make dad feel special.

Create something together

Working on a project with dad is not only an amazing way to bond, it also leaves you with a great finished product you can keep! If dad likes to get creative, try planning a fun arts and crafts project. If he’s more of a handyman, build something together like a fun decoration for the house.

Try a new recipe

Cooking a delicious meal to enjoy as a family is always an amazing experience. To make it extra special for Father’s Day, try making dad’s all-time favorite meal, complete with drinks and dessert! Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try a new recipe you’ve never had before!

Host a movie night

Family movie night is even more fun when you’re celebrating! Get out all dad’s favorite films, and host the ultimate movie night. You can even set up a simple movie screen in your backyard with just a blank sheet and a projector. Complete the experience with some lights, cozy blankets, and all of dad’s favorite snacks of course, and you’re set up for an amazing night.

Get outdoors

There’s nothing quite like enjoying time outside. And what better way to celebrate not only Father’s Day, but also the official first day of summer, than an outdoor adventure? If you live near a trail or small mountain, venture out and conquer a hike. If you’re close to a body of water, maybe try some fishing. For the more adventurous family, camping is always a great option. But if you live in a more urban area, why not go for a family ride? You can all hop on your bikes, and if you’ve got a toddler, be sure to pick up Liki Trike. With four modes of use, Liki grows with your toddler from 10-36 months, and is the perfect way to get your little one out there to join in on the fun.

No matter what dad’s interests are, spending quality time together as a family will make his Father’s Day even more unforgettable.

At Doona, we’ve always been about making parenting simple with our collection of smart and stylish baby products. So get out there and, make sure dad knows how special he is!

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