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Baby Must Haves For First-Time Moms

Baby must haves for first-time moms

As any mom will tell you – babies need a lot of stuff. And there’s no shortage of products out there, from advanced tech that can help make almost any task easier, to the basic necessities like diapers and wipes.

As a first-time mom, it can be overwhelming to know what products you need, and what brands to choose. With everything else that comes along with bringing a new life into the world, the last thing you need is to worry about whether or not you really need a nursing pillow or how to pick the perfect swaddle blanket. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of must-have baby products for first-time moms.    

Swaddle blankets

Wrapping your baby tightly like a human burrito is quite relaxing for them, and helps to keep their little arms tucked away while they sleep. These multi-purpose blankets can also be used as nursing covers, stroller covers, or a park blanket. Swaddling can make your life so much easier, but the process of getting it right can be frustrating. When picking a swaddle, make sure to look for comfortable and breathable material to keep your newborn from getting too hot. Try a few different types like a swaddle sack, or one with Velcro fasteners, to find the one that works best for you. This will help save you stress, and make sure even the strongest baby can’t wriggle themselves free.

Diaper bag

When you’re a new mama, you can never be too prepared for a baby outing. The perfect diaper bag has to be able to hold everything you might need for a day out, which for new moms often ends up being a lot more than you’ll actually use. Making sure the bag has plenty of pockets for organization, as well as being easy to carry, will help make trips with your new little one so much easier.

With its compact, lightweight design featuring quick-release connectors that attach to your stroller, the Doona Essentials Bag is the perfect solution for outings with baby. For longer days, the All-Day Bag is perfect for fitting everything you need inside, and since it attaches right onto your stroller you can remain hands-free. Plus, they both include changing mats so that’s one less thing you have to haul around.

Teething toys

Watching baby grow their first tooth is exciting for new moms. However, the process of getting there can be painful. Teething can cause your baby to get upset, therefore causing you a whole lot of stress. Teething toys are a must to get through this stage, and with so many options to choose from, there is one out there for every baby. When choosing toys for your little one to chew on, look for toys made specifically for this purpose, as anything else may not be the right material and could cause further pain. Each baby is different, so there is no right type of toy except the one your baby loves.

Nursing pillow

When you have a new baby, you’ll be feeding countless times every day. That can get tiring on your arms, and cause more strain while you’re recovering from labor. A nursing pillow will provide support to your neck and back, and give your arms a much-needed rest while you feed. When looking for the perfect pillow, consider how it can be used in other ways, such as for sleeping or to prop up your baby when they start learning to sit. Choose one that’s comfortable and durable, so you can get maximum usage out of it. 


Babies are messy. Not just a little messy, but so messy you’ll have to change their clothes a few times a day and the floor will likely have food on it at all times. For new moms, the last thing you want is to juggle cleaning up while trying to care for your baby, so having bibs on hand will help contain the mess. Look for ones that are easy to wash, long-lasting, and compact enough to take with you when you go out. There’s tons of cute patterns and styles out there, so find the one that works best for you. 

Infant tub

For the messes bibs just can’t contain, your baby will need a nice bath. Having an infant tub insert will make bathing your little one so much easier in the first few months. Look for one that is sturdy, will give the baby adequate support, and to get maximum use out of it, try choosing one that converts into a toddler tub. With the mountain of other baby products, a bathtub can take up a lot of space, so also try finding one that’s compact and easy to store.

Baby carrier

As a new mom, it can be hard to let your baby out of your sight, even to get things done around the house. A baby carrier is the perfect solution for keeping baby close while having your hands free. Find one that’s comfortable for you and offers a good amount of back and shoulder support so you’re not adding any extra strain. With so many options out there, make sure to do your research and consider trying a few out in the stores to see what works best for you and your baby. 

A good thermometer

If you’re a new mom, you know all too well the stress you feel over the health and safety of your baby. Fevers are common in babies, but too high of a temperature can mean something more. To put your mind at ease, invest in a high-quality thermometer. Choosing one that’s simple to use and gives accurate readings will give you the peace of mind knowing you can easily monitor your baby’s health.


Babies love movement, which is why bouncing or rocking them helps to keep them calm. However, when you’re a new mom still recovering from labor, it can get tiring bouncing your baby in your arms all day. A bouncer can help keep them soothed and calm while giving you some relaxation time without a fussing baby. Some higher-end bouncers have automatic movements, and a few even go as far as to detect when your baby cries and begin moving to soothe them.

 Car seat & stroller

Of all the first-time mom essentials, a car seat and stroller are at the top of the list when it comes to safety and comfort. Choosing the right car seat is important, because that’s what will keep your baby secure. As a new mom you’ll have your hands full with adjusting to life with a newborn, so leaving the house can often be the cause of extra stress.

Choosing a combination of a car seat and stroller will make a world of difference when taking your baby out in those first few months. With the Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller, you can go from a safe and secure car seat to a stylish and comfortable stroller with one click. This takes strain off of your body from lifting baby in and out of the car, and with its extensive safety features it’ll put your mind at ease, knowing your new bundle of joy is protected. The best baby products are those that not only keep your little one safe, but also make your life as a new mom easier.

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