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Winter Stroller Accessories to Warm Up the Season

Winter stroller accessories to warm up the season

Those brisk breezes and mouth-chattering mornings can only mean one thing — time for
those fun and frosty winter adventures! Although cozying up at home by the fire sounds pretty tempting, this is also the perfect time for snowball fights, downhill sledding, and frolicking in the snow. Get outside with the whole family and enjoy this magical time of year together.

But if you’ve got little ones in tow, how can you enjoy all those chilly delights with your family, without worrying that your infant or toddler is too cold? Simple: with the absolute best cold-weather gear, being prepared is key for those freezing days! So, get comfy because we’re going through the ultimate must-haves to help you enjoy the winter!


For many of us, winter temperatures can get pretty low! Which is why our footmuff is the perfect companion. It can keep your little one cozy and warm in any weather, even freezing temperatures. It includes a luxuriously lined removable blanket so you can take it with you
anywhere. The outside materials are water-repellant, perfect for rainy or snowy winter days. The full-length zipper makes it simple to get baby in and out, for convenience and comfort while out in the cold.

Winter Cover

Heading out for a winter stroll? Our winter cover is going to be your best friend. It is designed to cover the top of the Doona Car Seat & Stroller, is really simple to attach and remove, and is machine washable for easy care. The water-repellant outside layer protects baby from the cold and wind, and the soft inner lining ensures they’re comfortable all day long.

Rain Cover

The staple accessory for any parent during the winter season (or any season, for that matter) is the rain cover! This is one of the most versatile accessories out there, that keeps your little one dry from rain and snow, while also protecting from the wind and cold. It’s see-through so you can keep an eye on your little one, and it’s zipper closure makes getting in and out simple and quick. Side ventilation holes ensure baby is safe and comfortable, and it comes with a compact bag to store and carry the cover while it’s not in use. Plus, there’s even a version for Liki Trike! So your energetic toddler can continue to ride all season long, whatever the weather.

Wheel Covers

After strolling around through the icy and wet ground, the last thing you want is your warm and dry vehicle getting wet. That’s where our wheel covers come in. Easily pop them onto the wheels of your Doona after a stroll, and keep the inside of your car nice and clean. Plus, they are removable for easy washing so they stay clean all season long.

Take this quiet time to enjoy a well earnt break and time with the kids. Think of the winter as a chance to reflect on the year you’ve had together, and look forward to many more memories with your family! Happy New Year from your Doona family!

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