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Doona Car Seat & Stroller - Midnight Edition

Doona is the world’s first complete and fully integrated travel system, allowing you to move from car seat to stroller in seconds. The sleek and stylish design allows you to navigate the streets at ease, without disturbing your sleeping child when hopping in a car, traveling by bus or walking up the stairs. The revolutionary car seat and stroller provides a safe and practical solution for parents on-the-go.

The Doona Midnight edition features a diamond shape seat cover, black anodized aluminum, and faux-leather touches throughout. This edition includes an exclusive complimentary Doona Midnight Essentials Bag and a luxurious black faux-leather Handlebar Cover.

Warranty against manufacturing or material defects

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Discover Doona Midnight

With its all-black sleek design, the Midnight Edition offers an on-trend look that blends seamlessly into the style of the modern parent. The upgraded features combine luxury with functionality and safety for the every day.

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Stylish upgrades and elegant features

The Doona Midnight edition includes upgraded materials - a diamond shape seat cover, black anodized aluminum, and faux-leather touches throughout including the handlebar cover.

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Exclusive Doona Midnight Essentials Bag

This edition includes an exclusive complimentary Doona Midnight Essentials bag. Designed to complement your Doona with style and functionality. The compact and light-weight bag fits on the front of your Doona with unique quick-release Doona connectors.

Information slider - Doona Midnight - Black Handlebar Cover

Black Handlebar Cover

Upgrades the look of your Doona while protecting its handlebar

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Black bamboo Infant Insert & Head Support

Developed alongside global engineering, safety and medical experts, the Doona Infant Insert & Head Support provide young babies with the highest levels of safety and comfort.

Held to the highest safety standards

Safety Doona - Standards & Certification
Safety Doona - Testing
Safety Doona - Anti-Rebound Protection
Safety Doona - Aircraft Approval
Safety Doona - Fail-Safe Mechanisms
Safety Doona - Side-Impact Protection
Safety Doona - Five-Point Harness
Safety Doona - Baby-Safe Materials

Standards & certifications

Our products go through strict internal and external tests and all mandatory certification processes to assure the highest levels of safety. With its unique hybrid functionality, Doona has been tested to meet the strictest US & EU standards for car seats, strollers and hand-held carriers.

What’s in the box?

Doona Car Seat & Stroller

Suitability: rearward facing car seat

Infant weight: 4-35 lbs / 1.8-15.8 kg

Product weight: 17.2 lbs / 7.8 kg

What’s in the box - Doona Core Collection

Vehicle Seat Protector

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Infant Insert

What’s in the box - Infant Insert - Black

Head Support

Head Support - Black

What's in the box - Transparent for EU