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Tips for a faster, smoother, easier morning routine

Tips for a faster, smoother, easier morning routine

Once the school year begins, chaotic mornings start. We know the struggle you may face every morning: hunting down lost shoes, morning crankiness, making a healthy and hearty breakfast, picking out clothes, and all other unforeseen mishaps that come up weekly. 

At Doona, we’re here to make parenting simple, from the second your alarm goes off until you put the little ones down to rest. Master your morning with our list for the easiest, fastest, and smoothest routine to start your day stress-free. Take notes, and get ready for an amazing a.m.!

Get a good night's sleep 

Before conquering the morning, generally, eight solid hours of sleep is recommended. Sleep helps children develop mentally and physically, so it should be a top priority. Mornings can be difficult when a child is a sleep deprived, including fatigue, agitation, and moodiness. A consistent bedtime routine ensures the proper amount of sleep and will help you jumpstart the day.

Pack up the night before

For a no-rush morning, packing clothes, lunches, water bottles, hats, socks, toys, diapers, or whatever else they need the night before — can be a huge time saver. Involving the kids by assigning tasks such as picking out clothes, laying them out, tidying rooms, and packing essentials in their bags can also establish responsibility. Plus, packing up your purse, briefcase, and wallet and lining them by the door will also have you out the door faster.

Wake up before your kids

Wake up a bit earlier, shower, and get yourself ready before waking up the kids. Before the morning mayhem, enjoy sipping on coffee and organizing and collecting your thoughts. If you have time, squeeze in an early and quick exercise, light reading, or something that makes you happy. Giving yourself some much-needed me-time will help you feel more relaxed and prepare you for the day ahead.

Fuel up with a healthy breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a tried-and-true method for getting your kids out the door without fuss is the breakfast bite. This tasty breakfast is a nutritious and simple way to get them the calories and nutrients they need for the big day ahead. Think egg frittatas loaded with cheese and chopped veggies, overnight oat cups, hearty banana chia muffins, hard-boiled eggs — you name it! Cook up some yummy and nutritious snacks, store them in your refrigerator or freezer, and after one minute of heating them in the oven, you’re good to go!

Create a morning to-do chart

A routine chart can be instrumental in helping your kids build healthy daily habits. For toddlers and younger kids, pictures can help explain what they need to do. A morning chart may include: brushing teeth, getting dressed, packing a backpack, grabbing a lunch box, using the bathroom, putting shoes on, etc. You can even make a game to see who can finish their tasks first.

Make it a fun start

Instead of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, start the day on a fun note. Get your kids smiling and moving by setting your child's alarm to play their favorite song, have morning snuggles, or a yummy breakfast with the whole family.

Whether you're starting the day off with a morning stroll with your newborn or taking on school drop-offs with your toddler, our company is committed to simplifying parenthood. Our Doona Car Seat and Stroller and Liki Trike make life on the go easy without ever compromising on functionality, safety, and quality. We hope our list of morning routines for kids has been helpful. Good luck, and good morning!

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