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Things you might not know about the Doona Car Seat & Stroller

Doona’s standout feature is its 2-in-1 functionality, but there are so many more incredible features that make this revolutionary travel solution special. At Doona, we aim to make parenting as simple and convenient as possible, it's why we made the Doona Car Seat & Stroller in the first place. With so many unique features, there may be aspects of Doona you're not yet familiar with. To give you the full picture, we put together a list! 

Unique safety features

Anti-rebound protection

Unlike typical car seats, Doona’s unique structure enables positioning the handle against the back of the car seat, thus providing the baby with exceptional anti-rebound protection. In case of collision, the anti-rebound handle will absorb the impact and prevent the Doona from rotating quickly towards the back of the seat, thus dramatically reducing rebound injuries. 

Fail-safe mechanisms

We don’t take any risks when it comes to safety. The most common injury causes relating to car seats and strollers are misuse and improper installation, which is why our design and engineering teams developed multiple fail-safe mechanisms to assure safe operation. These mechanisms prevent unintentional folding, a sudden extension of the handle while being carried, and rotation of the handle while being used in stroller mode. In short, we thought of everything so you don’t have to worry about it.

Double wall structure for enhanced protection

The back of the Doona has two separate layers that provide significant safety benefits designed to protect your little one in case of an accident. The car seat’s unique double wall structure includes two layers of durable, impact-absorbing plastic reinforced with additional layers of foam to provide enhanced protection.

Easy for on the go

You can safely install the Doona in your car with or without a base, providing parents on the go with added flexibility. For instance, when traveling overseas you can easily transfer your Doona from airplane to taxi without worrying about bringing extra parts. This added layer of convenience is another example of the many features that make Doona’s 2-in-1 travel solution unique. 

It’s 100% air-craft certified 

Flight safety experts encourage parents to use an approved car seat to keep their child safe throughout flights. The Doona has been certified and approved by authorities for air travel, which means you can easily use it to keep your baby safe and comfortable for an entire flight. Because of its unique foldability and safety features, Doona offers the perfect travel solution for families on-the-go. 

If you plan to take your Doona on an airplane, make sure you contact the airline ahead of time to confirm the details. Check out our flying with a car seat guide for more tips on how to install Doona on an aircraft and prepare ahead of time. 

Doona accessories 

Doona accessories are designed to enhance convenience and comfort for both parents and children. We’ve got you covered for all adventures, no matter the weather!

Weather-proof essentials

We made weather essentials to ensure your child stays comfortable and protected from the elements, no matter the weather. Whether you need protection from cold winds, rainy days, or the hot summer sun, all Doona accessories are made with your convenience in mind.


Doona bags are designed to help traveling parents stay organized and keep everything they might need easily accessible. Whether it’s the Snap-on Storage bag that clips directly to your Doona, the Essentials Bag, or the Doona Travel Bag, each one is meant to help you travel light. We also made a Padded Travel Bag to help keep your Doona safe, clean, and easy to transport while traveling. This really comes in handy at airports or any other place where you might fold and store your Doona.

Freshen up your Doona

The canopy and shoulder pads replacement is the perfect way to get a fresh new look with a different colorway, or when using the Doona Car Seat & Stroller with a second child. You can choose one or more from our 7 different colors and easily change the canopy cover and the shoulder pads whenever you want to give your Doona a fresh new look! The canopy protects from the elements, is water repellent, and has a UPF of 50+.

At Doona, we’re always trying our very best to make parenting simpler for every family. Which is also why we’ve created our innovative and revolutionary Liki Trike — the most compact folding toddler trike on the market that grows alongside toddlers with five modes of use.

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