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The Revolutionary Functionality Of The Doona Car Seat & Stroller

The revolutionary functionality of the Doona Car Seat & Stroller

The Doona Car Seat & Stroller has a wide array of intuitive features, is constructed from durable materials, and when it comes to its groundbreaking design and function, Doona revolutionized the industry.

Supreme safety

At Doona, safety comes first. With its fully automated, in-house testing facility, Doona utilizes the strictest internal and external (third party) testing measures to assure the highest levels of safety. Its 5-point harness ensures the baby’s abdominal area is properly protected in the case of an accident when in car seat mode while also keeping them in the best ergonomic position possible for longer strolls. Doona’s unique double wall structure provides enhanced side impact protection, while the anti-rebound handle absorbs impact and prevents rotation in case of collision. Furthermore, Doona’s fail-safe mechanisms support safe and secure operation while preventing misuse.

It’s 2 products in 1

As the world’s first car seat with integrated wheels, Doona eliminates the need to lug around a car seat and switch between a separate car seat and stroller. With one click, Doona converts from a car seat to a stylish stroller in seconds. And when it comes to running errands without disturbing your sleeping child, Doona is here to make sure life for parents on-the-go is just a little bit simpler. 

It’s aircraft approved

When it comes to flying with your baby, your Doona will be as essential as your luggage. That’s because it’s the certified and approved, solution for air travel with an infant. Designed to fit perfectly down most airlines’ center aisles, it will make traveling with your little ones safe and easy. Before flying, contact the airline in advance to ensure car seats are permitted and confirm the appropriate seat assignment.

Perfect for life on-the-go

Whether you’re hopping into an Uber or traveling by public transport, Doona allows you to do it all. With the click of a button, collapse your stroller, and you’ve got a perfect car seat.

Effortlessly customizable

With a full collection of smart, stylish, and functional accessories, Doona makes it even easier to customize your car seat and stroller according to your needs. Whether you need extra storage for your little one's essentials or added protection from the elements, Doona has got it covered.

At Doona, we create revolutionary products to make parenting simpler. With the many features and convenient functionality of Doona Car Seat & Stroller, we’ve created a product for both you, and your baby.

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