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The best toy storage ideas to keep you organized

The best toy storage ideas to keep you organized

Cleanup time just got a whole lot easier! We know that as parents of little ones, toys can start to take over the house. Whether your living space is big, small, or you have a dedicated play area, we’ve compiled a list of how to store toys in your home to ensure your nursery or playroom stays tidy so that you never have to trip over or step on another toy doll or LEGO brick again.

Swap game & puzzle boxes for silicone bags

Kids’ puzzles and games come in all sorts of storage boxes that take up a lot of unnecessary space. If you’re working with a smaller space, you’ll want to maximize that space. One storage tip is to keep all of the games in silicone bags, this will save space while preserving the toys for the long term. Plus, they are clear so you can see exactly what is inside. Don’t forget to save the large puzzle picture or game instructions. You can also use these bags in the bathroom and kitchen!

3-tier portable cart

When looking for available space in the house, sometimes you have to create more! Portable carts are the perfect way to get extra storage, and you can easily roll them around the house to different rooms. It has three tiers for different toys or craft supplies, and if you no longer need it for the kids’ room – you can repurpose for office supplies or products in the bathroom. They come in cute colors too, so they don’t ruin the aesthetic of the room!

Designate play spaces

There are some more extravagant toys like doll houses, toy kitchens, and play tool sheds, which take up a lot of space and can make the room feel untidy. When you set them up properly, the toy can feel like a natural extension of the room and not like it’s just taking up space. It is best to choose a corner of the room where the doll house or kitchen can sit and set up the rest of the room around it. Try and limit the amount of other large toys or pieces of furniture in the room!

Storage cubes

You don’t have to use traditional storage in your kids’ rooms, you can use alternative and minimalist storage solutions that can be used anywhere around the house. Clear or woven cubes are the best and can also be used anywhere around the house, not just the kids’ room. Clear cubes are a great option, as you can see what’s in the boxes and makes it easier to grab what you want! Put these to good use by using a box each for storing little animal figurines, small cars, or LEGO pieces, and stack them up in a cupboard or on a shelf.

Shelves are key

When maximizing space, you can always find extra room by using the walls. That is to say — take advantage of your home’s height by creating shelf space. Store all your kids’ dolls, puppets, and stuffed animals on a shelf as you would books in a library, so they’re always easy to see and access. Which can also help add to your nursery’s decor. And the best part — whenever your child wants a specific toy, they can look for it and grab it without turning the entire room upside down.

At Doona, we believe that simple parenting is the best parenting. With compact products such as our Doona Car Seat & Stroller, the fully integrated travel system, and the Liki Trike, the world's most compact folding tricycle, saving space and storing is a breeze. We hope our list of storage ideas for toys will help you keep a tidy household and a happy child.

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