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The 10 Best Ways To Travel with Family On A Budget

The 10 best ways to travel with family on a budget

Vacations with family are a great way to create special memories that will never be forgotten. While it can usually cost a lot to take the whole family, there are tons of ways to have an amazing family vacation on a budget. Here are some tips for Doona moms and dads to have a wallet-friendly family vacation:

1. Sign up for alerts

Travel sites are always a great way to help plan inexpensive family vacations. You can use them to combine your hotel and flight costs and save big. Make sure to keep up to date especially if you have a specific location in mind.

2. Keep a kitchen close

If you stay in a hotel, you may have to shell out extra money on food. Nowadays it is so much easier to rent apartments or houses that have a kitchen and cook one or two meals to save on food costs. This is a great way to have an inexpensive family vacation and keep everyone fed!

3. Location, Location, Location

Choose a smart locale for your budget-friendly family vacation. Yacht trips and private jets are not necessary to have meaningful time with your loved ones. National Parks, beach towns, and nature trips are some of the best ways to see beautiful things without digging too deep into your pockets.

4. Choose smart baby accessories

Travelling with babies and toddlers can get expensive due to all of the extra luggage you have to bring. Save on extra fees by purchasing dual purpose accessories like the Doona Car Seat & Stroller. You’ll be able to take in on the plane with you and use it as a car seat, stroller, and carrier while you’re on the go. It makes travelling so much easier and lowers the cost of bringing three different items.

5. Big city, small spending

While visiting big cities can cost more for airfare and hotels, once you arrive you can save tons on all that cities have to offer. There are always public parks for picturesque picnics, and free museums that everyone can enjoy. You can also spend a day walking around town and seeing everything they have to offer. Also…street food!

6. The modern staycation

So many people today barely know the area in which they live. Save money on travel and go somewhere nearby, act like a tourist and do everything you’ve never done in your own backyard.

7. Stay active

Hikes, city tours, or beach days. Explore the natural beauty of a new city or country so you can keep your day full and keep your family vacation inexpensive. Plus, think of the photo-ops!!

8. Plan ahead

The longer you wait to book flights and hotels, the more expensive they’ll be. You can keep your family vacation on a budget by purchasing and booking everything months in advance. This way you’ll also have something to look forward to!

9. Timing is everything

Avoid high fees by travelling during off-peak seasons. That ski resort is even more beautiful in the summer and much more cost-effective. It makes for cheaper lodging and flights, so you can spend more on other excursions while there.

10. Products that grow

Purchasing products that grow with your toddler are key to saving up for vacations. The Liki Trike is perfect for babies at 10 months, and grows with them up to 3 years old. You can take it on countless vacations and each time will be special.

Family outings are key part to growing up. but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Inexpensive family vacations are a great way to create special bonds within your family and be secure as well. Nothing feels better than time away from home, with your loved ones.

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