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Physical development activities for toddlers

Physical development activities for toddlers

Your tiny baby has turned into a toddler, and now comes the joys of a walking, running, and being constantly-on-the-move together!

Toddler developmental milestones are so different for each child. However, one thing that remains true is the importance of physical activity in toddler development. The fact is, toddlers need a little assistance honing those skills and working those muscles. There are tons of ways to do this, which not only deliver amazing physical benefits, but are super fun, too! Here are our favorite physical development activities for toddlers.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Play your favorite music and just get up and dance with your toddler! This introduces your little ones to different sounds and rhythms, helps with vocabulary by singing along to the lyrics, and engages them in physical activity. Plus it’s a quick and easy way for you to get a burst of cardio as well!

Obstacle course

Weaving through pillows or climbing over mountains of blankets are a great way to get your toddler moving in different ways. Move furniture and create some fun obstacles for them to navigate to work their mind, help with problem-solving, and improve gross motor development.


Imitation is one of the best ways for your little one to pick up on movements! Games like Simon Says or just pretending you are a mirror will get them copying your moves. Things like clapping, jumping and making silly faces are all great ways to get your toddler used to their body!

Pedal away

A toddler tricycle is one of the best ways for little ones to get outdoors, get moving, and fine-tune all of those essential motor skills. It also is a blast for them - and gets their minds engaged. Getting on and off the trike helps with balance, pedaling helps with strengthening muscles, and steering helps with coordination. The best tricycle for kids is one that will adapt as they learn more skills, like the Liki Trike which turns from stroller alternative to an independent toddler’s dream trike.

Stretch it out

Physical development in toddlers isn’t just about strength, it’s about flexibility too! Stretching is a nice, easy way to get moving while limbering up those little muscles, better preparing them for tons of activities like riding a bike (or trike), as well as running, swimming, and more.

Play ball

Throwing a ball back and forth with your parents is one of the most iconic experiences of many childhoods. And for good reason! Throwing and catching is the best way to improve hand-eye coordination, arm strength, and balance.

Whether indoors or out, summer or winter, these physical activities will improve your toddlers' development, help them reach those crucial milestones, and provide amazing bonding time for your family. Now have fun and get moving!

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