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Networking for Parents

Networking for parents

Welcome to parenthood! You just went through a life-changing experience, and while having a baby is one of the most joyful adventures, it can also be overwhelming and, if we're being honest, sleep-depriving. Whether you’re a new parent or on your second or third, talking to other parents with similar experiences has many benefits, including mental and emotional support, new friendships, and more. Check out our list of networking resources below.

Tinyhood in session

Tinyhood, founded by two friends and parents, Becky Miller and Susan Blinn, was created after wrestling with their struggles as new parents. Supporting you throughout the parenting journey, the curated collection of high-quality and expert-led support groups for parents offers on-demand classes from Sleep 101 to Breastfeeding 101. In addition to the classes, the online learning platform provides group sessions for parents to meet virtually. The weekly gatherings led by certified parent facilitators cover topics such as newborn care, sleep, breastfeeding, and much more. To sign up or to view upcoming sessions, click here.

Swipe right for Peanut

A safe space for women to network, Peanut provides access to a community who are there to listen and offer valuable advice while you’re navigating motherhood, fertility, and pregnancy. The popular app allows women to swipe, connect, meet up and create meaningful friendships. Whether you’re planning to be, expecting, or are already a mom, Peanut makes that new mom isolation feeling fade away. For more information or to download the app, click here.

Dad’s the word

City Dad’s, a dynamic and inclusive community of fathers nationwide, also known for The Modern Dads Podcast, brings fathers together in real life and online. With 40+ chapters across the United States, members can gather with and without their children to learn and support one another. Whether a stay-at-home dad, married, divorced, or single, this community is committed to redefining what it means to be a father in the 21st century. To find a City Dad Group near you, visit

Adoptees supporting adoptees

Adoption is a unique journey, and while no two adoption stories are alike, most parents going through the experience of adoption can relate. Whether you’re considering the path to parenthood as a couple or single, it helps to know you’re not alone. The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) supports, educates, inspires, and advocates so adoptive families thrive. Committed to helping adoptive and foster families, they provide support through in-person support groups across the US. To find a parent group in your region, visit

A virtual village

They say it takes a village, and sometimes that village is virtual. Just type in a few keywords in the search bar of Facebook groups, and you’ll find communities across the globe covering topics from breastfeeding, birthing support groups, picky eaters, working parents, postpartum, car seat safety, and the list goes on. Some popular groups include Mom Life, Baby Bump Community, LGBTQ Parents & Families, and Car Seat Safety.

Through the years, we’ve created our own Doona family. Our vision is to share our passion with

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