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Insights with interior designer Erin Fetherston

Insights with interior designer Erin Fetherston on creating the perfect nursery

Erin Fetherston is a mother of two and an accomplished interior designer. She specializes in creating airy, natural and bright spaces that exude warmth and elegance. In our latest Insights Series, we spoke with Erin for her tips on creating the perfect nursery!

What are your best tips for choosing nursery colors?

Babies can see black and white the best, so if you can incorporate a black and white motif it's actually beneficial to their brain development. I like mostly white and natural woods as a colorscape for children's rooms because they inevitably get filled up with tons of colors from books and toys, which are usually vivid colors, so those look best against a neutral background.

What’s your ideal design layout for a nursery?

I think it really depends on the shape of the room, but generally I would position the crib diagonal from the door, so you can see the baby if you need to peek in and the baby can see the door. I'd put the glider near the crib or in a corner, and the dresser and changing table opposite the crib. I like to leave an open space in the middle, ideally with a round rug, to allow for play time and tummy time.

What do you look for when choosing nursery pieces?

I look for quality pieces that are certified green or organic. For the glider, I recommend clients take their body height into consideration. Ideally you will have your entire head supported by the back of the glider.

Tips to create a stylish nursery on a budget?

Invest in the pieces that can be used for a long time like the dresser, rug, and glider. Then source fun decor items from less expensive vendors, or go for handmade finds on sites like Etsy to add personality without breaking the bank.

What is your top nursery must-have item?

A really comfortable glider! You really need that support while caring for a newborn through their toddler years.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I think a whimsical light fixture is a fun touch to add to a nursery!

Erin Fetherston is a social media influencer, mother of two, and in-demand interior designer and consultant specializing in furniture selection, home decor, wall and window treatments, fixtures, exteriors, cabinets and more. Her designs favor natural materials and patterns. To learn more about Erin, follow her on Instagram at @erinfetherston

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