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How to stay connected with other parents

How to stay connected with other parents

While most of us are slowly adjusting to social distancing with our kids, we can miss connecting with friends and other parents. Without those extracurricular activities and social events, we can start to crave the feeling of being around other adults, talking adult things while our children romp around together. And while spending quality time with your loved ones is essential right now, missing out on that much-needed time with other parents can make us all feel a little isolated. 

But even though you can’t meet up in person, there are still so many social activities you can do while socially distancing from your friends and other parents. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Join a parent group

While you can’t go out and meet in person right now, there are lots of online communities to join! You can find one based on location to connect with people near you, or find a parent group that shares the same interests. Look to social media to find people to chat with, follow your favorite lifestyle brands, or search for blogs and forums where you can engage with other like-minded individuals. Apps such as Peanut, Bumble BFF, and bumo help you connect with other parents or find like-minded friends. Active participation on these platforms can lead to creating long-lasting connections. 

Have a watch party

What’s better than watching a movie with friends? You may not be able to physically share a bowl of popcorn on the couch or at the theatre, but there are plenty of online apps such as Netflix Party and Watch2Gether that allow you to virtually watch movies together, and even sync them so you know you’re at the same spot. Plus, you can chat about it in real time. Choose your favorite movie or TV show that everyone’s talking about and let the virtual bonding begin! 

Stay connected through letters & postcards

Now is the perfect time to get back to an often-forgotten practice - sending mail. Write some postcards or letters to your close friends, and even get your kids to help make them. Encourage your friends to write back, and experience this almost-forgotten form of connection. Getting a letter in the mail is so meaningful, and will certainly make you feel grateful during this uncertain time. 

Take your routine online

Before social distancing, what was your favorite weekly activity with friends? Maybe you did a group yoga class, a book club, an art class - whatever it was, there’s no reason to stop it now. All you have to do is take it online! Companies and influencers like Melissa Wood Health and Amanda Kloots are offering virtual workouts, meditations, and so much more, so you can all participate from home. Want to meet up for dinner or happy-hour? Catch up over a meal or some drinks via video chat! When you’re not able to meet up in person, seeing each others’ faces rather than just talking on the phone can help you feel much more connected.

Challenge each other

A little friendly competition is always great for staying up to date with friends. Take part in group challenges with exercise, cooking, reading, anything that’ll get you and your family working as a team and competing with friends. Keep track of your scores and check in to see how others are doing.

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