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How To Painlessly Run Errands With a Baby Or Toddler

How to painlessly run errands with a baby or toddler

Grocery shopping and making appointments were never easy to begin with. Add a newborn and toddler or two to the mix? Now that’s a challenge every parent has to conquer.

Because babies and toddlers don’t like being outside of their home, which is why every time you have to get anything done, you need to deal with them being fussy, tired, overstimulated by the hustle and bustle and grabbing things out of shelves.

But, running errands doesn’t have to be too stressful. With the right planning and a little bit of savvy, you can be the appointment-saving superhero your household has always needed.

So, because a parent’s work is never done, make sure to read Doona’s guide to running errands with a toddler or baby before you set off!

Make a list, check it twice

Baby brain? Absolutely real. Same with the exhaustion that comes when your little one hits their ‘terrible twos’. So, before you head out to any errand – grocery store, appointment, bank, what have you – create a detailed list organizing your different tasks. Divide each task by errand and check them off as you go. Are you a little more tech-savvy? Skip the pen and paper and use the Notes app or download a task app.

When to schedule appointments

When’s nap time for your baby? Because you should never interfere with their sleep schedule! Babies and toddlers never sleep that well in the car, so if you run an errand during their afternoon naptime, you run the risk of the baby getting overtired. So, whenever you can, schedule your errands or appointments in the morning.

Order online

You can definitely lighten the load by ordering supplies like diapers and paper towels in bulk online. Trust us – with the sheer volume of these you’re using, you’ll save so much of your time and energy (it’s not easy to carry 30 rolls and 3 kids!) by having it just delivered right to your door.

Pick a smoother ride

Wrangle. That’s the operative word here. You’re wrangling toddlers trying to grab things off shelves, wrangling crying babies in their car seats and wrangling equipment and groceries. You can soothe your toddler with a little ride in those buggy shopping carts, but they’re not exactly easy to return.

Instead, you can turn a normal grocery store trip into an adventure with a compact bike, like Liki Trike. With dual parent-child steering, you can push a tired toddler around with ease, and just fold it up and pack it away when you’re done.

Bring food

Count on your kids getting hungry. You can delay this by feeding your baby before you leave the house, but if you’ve got a famished toddler, opt for any kind of food that can be closed easily and won’t spill – like those little apple sauce tubes. And that goes for any nursing stuff, too.

Come ready

Here’s a basic sampling of what you should pack before every errand run:

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • Extra clothes (for you and baby)

  • Sippy cups

  • Snacks

  • Burp cloths

  • Toys

Carry on your wayward son

Trying to lift your baby out of the car and carrying them in the carrier? It’s not just incredibly difficult – it’s actually risky if you recently gave birth. You then have the option of a baby wrap, but you may not have the upper-body strength to carry your child, and let’s be honest, it’s a hassle if you’re in a hurry.

Then there’s a travel system – a 3-in-1 infant carrier and stroller joined together. It’s convenient, but you’ll have to deal with lifting the massive contraption in and out of the trunk.

Thankfully, we can do you one better: the Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller  Instead of having to attach a heavy car seat to a stroller, you can lift your baby in the infant car seat, press a button, and the integrated wheels come down to turn the carrier into a stroller.

With the help of the right tips, tricks and tools, you can make your errand day so much smoother. That’s why our Doona Car Seat & Stroller and Liki Trike offer a bag that can help you carry diaper bags, extra diapers and snacks, and so much more. With Doona or Liki by your side, you’ll be a lean, mean, errand machine.

So, stay strong, moms and dads. Doona’s here to help!

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