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How to build self-confidence in children

How to build self-confidence in children

With parenthood comes responsibility – we want to keep our little ones safe and secure, instill positive values in them, and help them become kind and independent. To thrive, one of the most important lessons to teach is self-worth. When you raise a child with self-confidence, you send them out into the world with their best foot forward, and they’ll be able to meet challenges head-on, establish clear boundaries and go full-force after their dreams.

You might ask yourself, how do I build self-confidence in my child? We at Doona are here to help steer you in the right direction with tips on building confidence in your little one! 

Don’t overpraise 

A huge part of being a parent is to support and encourage your children. However, too much praise can be overkill and cause more harm than good. It can compel your child to ask, “Am I good enough?” or cause them to believe that they aren’t measuring up to the impossible standard of being perfect. Instead of a generic “good job,” explain what and why. Focus on their character and effort. Encouragement vs. evaluation is essential, and your child will feel more pride in their achievements. 

Avoid harsh criticism

From time to time, we all get stressed and disappointed. But it’s important to manage those negative emotions when raising self-confident children. When you get triggered or distressed, try to avoid criticizing your little one too harshly and take the emotion out of your discipline. Instead, gently explain what they did that was wrong or inappropriate, and carefully correct their behavior.

Let them try, let them fail

Many of us negatively view failure and want to protect our children from it. But when it comes to our children, we need to see failure as a positive because it means they are putting in the effort. Trying anything new and challenging will inevitably lead to some failure, so encourage them to push themselves, and if they don’t succeed, tell them to get up and try again. It’s important to stress that being human means making mistakes along the way. 

Set firm goals

Goals are a fundamental part of life, success, and self-confidence. A great way to bring up self-assured children is to encourage them to set clear goals and go after them with all their power. They might need a little boost, so work with them on finding the right objective, either in the short or long term, and give them that gentle nudge they need. 

Be a model of self confidence

Our children learn by example, so why not model that self-confidence in yourself? Make a point to act self-assured, walk with your shoulders back, speak clearly and loudly, and always make eye contact. Your kids will look up to you and soon be modeling your behavior within themselves.

Love unconditionally 

Whether it's misbehavior, good grades, or poor, winning or losing, give your children a sense of security and make it clear that your love is unconditional. Hug your kids, read together, bond, and express your love every day. The love you show lays the foundation for all healthy relationships in the future.    

At Doona, we’re here to guide, help and support every parent throughout their unforgettable journey. Designed to explore and encourage toddlers to engage the world around them with ease and confidence, the 5 different modes of our Liki Trike are perfect for helping to form and develop independence. We hope you found our guide to raising self-confident children handy, and we wish you all the luck, hope, and confidence we can!

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