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How Doona Provides The Highest Level Of Newborn Car Seat Safety

How Doona provides the highest level of newborn car seat safety

Finding the perfect car seat is a stressful experience whether you’re a new parent or have been through it before.

A car seat is what carries your new bundle of joy home for the first time, and protects them on every drive. With so much information out there, knowing where to start can be a daunting task. What makes one safer than another? Where should you start? To help you out, we’ve compiled the safety features any good car seat should have, and how Doona includes them all.

Safety testing

Every car seat sold has to pass testing, making it difficult to know which is the best choice. At the bare minimum, a safe car seat should comply with the country’s local requirements. Doona reaches the local standards across the globe, but also goes above and beyond to make sure your newborn is taken care of. To be sure Doona does not just pass but also exceeds the standard, additional tests in various scenarios were conducted including high speeds, freeze conditions, additional weights, and more.


When searching for the perfect infant car seat, looking at ratings is a great place to start. Those that rise above the rest will have high scores, giving you confidence in knowing they’ve received the safety seal of approval. Doona has undergone multiple reviews and stood out in the areas of frontal crash tests, pollutant levels, easy installation, seating position, and high quality workmanship. 

Anti-rebound protection 

The thought of getting in a car accident with your baby is scary for any parent. Surrounding your little one with as much protection as possible can help give you a little peace of mind. The rebound after the initial impact of a crash can often increase the risk of injury, so rebound bars are an important element of any safe car seat. Because of its unique structure, Doona’s handle can be positioned against the back of the seat in your car. This will absorb the rebound impact in the event of a collision, and prevent the Doona from rotating.

Easy installation

No matter how many safety precautions a car seat has, it all comes down to installation. Misuse and improper installation are two of the most common ways babies are injured in car seats. To prevent this, the design and engineering teams at Doona developed multiple fail-safe systems so there won’t be any sudden movements, making it much easier to position properly. You can use Doona with or without the base, making it a great option for staying safe while on the go. Plus, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also awarded Doona 5-stars in categories including installation features and overall ease of use, so you’ll always feel confident it’s secured correctly every time.

Baby-safe materials

When it comes to your baby, all materials are not created equal. A car seat that uses high quality, safe fabrics will ensure your newborn’s health and your car seat’s longevity. Doona’s materials are carefully tested and have been approved under strict standards. They’re free of any chemicals that could harm your little one, and are durable enough to withstand the test of time – plus they’ll hold up through all those messes.

At the end of the day, no matter how many fancy extras a car seat has, the most important features are those that keep your baby safe and secure.

Doona provides more than just safety, it gives you a solution to make your life easier. The Infant Car Seat & Stroller Combo makes every car ride worry-free, from the first trip home to everyday outings. So don’t stress – we’ve got your little one covered.

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