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Getting your kids excited about exercise

Getting your kids excited about exercise

We all know how beneficial and healthy exercise is, both on our minds and bodies. And this is even more important when it comes to our kids. Developing a positive view of physical fitness at an early age is important for creating good habits for the future.

With the constant attraction of iPads and television, it can be quite challenging for today’s parents to entice their kids to turn off their screens and get active. So, we’ve come up with a list of helpful tips to help you get your kids excited about exercise!

Before we were told that fitness was ‘good for us’ and exercise was ‘healthy’ — majority of us loved running around and being active as young children. When it comes to motivating your kids to exercise, one key approach is to not frame exercise as a chore like cleaning their rooms or mowing the lawn. If you present it as a fun activity outside, and nothing else, they’ll be more excited and inclined to participate.

Use easy games

There are plenty of ‘old school’ games that kids these days may not play with like we once did. You can go and buy a kid’s skipping rope, draw some chalk on the pavement for hopscotch, borrow a tether ball or even play chasey in the garden. All of these simple games are pretty easy to find, they get your kids moving, and hopefully they’ll have fun at the same time!

Try team sports

Depending on the character and personality of your children, organized team sports may be a great way to get your kids active. No matter where you live, you can probably find some local sports organizations either through their schools or through community organizations with kids their age. They can practice their skills, get active, and make some new friends too.

Other activities

Being active and healthy doesn’t have to come from sports or exercise like running. You can try suggesting dance or ballet classes, outdoor clubs like scouts, or even hiking or bird watching societies that get everyone outside, walking around and getting in some healthy exercise — without them even thinking about it!

Family walks

One of the easiest ways to get your kids excited about exercise is to go on a nightly walk together around your neighborhood. It is a great after dinner activity that will help get out any remaining energy from the day and wind down for bedtime. If their friends live nearby, schedule time with their families to join you. Pretty soon, you’ll have a regular meetup group that helps you all get outside, move around and bond with each other at the same time!

Ride with Liki Trike

The Liki Trike is a simple and easy way to get your kids outside and moving. Let them enjoy riding in the back garden your local park, or just around the streets of your neighborhood. The Liki Trike also helps with balance and muscle development; and pedaling and steering boosts coordination. The best part is that it grows with your child so you can use it as a stroller alternative before they’re old enough to pedal.

The main idea is to just take the pressure off, and let your kids have fun! No matter what you do to encourage them, be sure to do so with kindness, and let them discover the joy of exercise for themselves. Good luck!

At Doona, we’re dedicated to making parenting simpler, easier and more enjoyable. That’s why we created smart and functional travel baby accessories like our Doona Car Seat & Stroller, the fully integrated travel system that transforms in a click; as well as Liki Trike, the most compact folding tricycle on the market. It’s just our way of saying thank you to all parents out there!

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