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Comparing Doona +, Doona i, and Doona X product features

At Doona, we strive to make parenting as simple and efficient as possible. We pride ourselves on developing innovative products like the revolutionary 2-in-1 Doona Car Seat & Stroller. That’s why we developed the Doona i and the Doona X, the latest versions of the world’s first and only complete and fully integrated travel system. To keep it simple for you, we’ve outlined the differences between each of the Doona models. 

What do all the Doona models have in common?

There are several basic features in each Doona model that remain consistent. First and foremost, all Doonas have both car seat and stroller functionality and go through extensive testing to make sure they reach the strictest safety standards for each category, plus aircraft approval. Below are the features you can count on no matter which Doona you decide to purchase:

  • 5-point harness to ensure that in case of a crash, forces are distributed across your baby’s rigid body parts (shoulders and hips) that can withstand high loads

  • Side impact protection

  • Anti-rebound protection for impact absorption 

  • Fail-safe mechanisms to assure safe operations and prevent misuse

  • UPF 50+ sun canopy protection

  • High durability wheels to minimize erosion and maximize comfort

Developed with medical experts to support your baby’s posture, every Doona also comes with an infant insert and head support that are ergonomically designed to mimic a natural fetal position. Additionally, every Doona model’s textiles are tested and approved under the strictest European standards and REACH regulation, including SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern). The materials used are free of any hazardous chemicals and tested for their quality to assure safe and continuous use.

Note that there is an ISOFIX base available for every Doona with the same functionality, just adjusted to fit each model. 

Discover the same functionality in the enhanced Doona i

The Doona i was created to accommodate the new child car seat regulation R129 which is the most updated standard in the European Union. In addition to improved safety features, our team reflected on customer feedback to ensure that this updated version of the Doona continues to support the needs of parents without compromising on design and quality. Below are the main differences between the original Doona + and the enhanced Doona i. 

Key feature differences between Doona + and Doona i

While both have a 5-point harness, the Doona i has an integrated version instead of the manual rethread harness in the original Doona +. This feature was updated to meet the R129 regulation, making adjustment easier while reducing misuse. In the updated Doona i, the harness is connected to the adjustable headrest and allows for easy height adjustment. Despite this difference, both versions of the harness uphold the highest safety standards.

While both the Doona + and Doona i were designed with a double wall structure for side impact protection, Doona i comes with the Doona SIP (Side Impact Protection) add-on for enhanced impact protection. Both are completely safe to use without the SIP thanks to the innovative double wall structure, it’s just an added layer of protection. There are a couple of other small changes, for example in the handlebar design, and also the Doona i is updated with 4 quick-release wheels instead of only 2-quick release wheels in the original Doona +. 

Meet the sought-after Doona X - 100% Car Seat, 100% Stroller

Doona X is the next generation of Doona Car Seat & Stroller. The revolutionary and innovative design features three adjustable recline positions. It smoothly transitions from an upright sitting posture to full recline at 159 degrees. This adaptable design serves as an all-in-one solution, functioning as both a car seat and stroller for newborns, streamlining the parenting journey.

Key feature differences between Doona i and Doona X

As mentioned, the Doona X has a full-recline feature up to 159 degrees. The seat can be adjusted and reclined in three different positions: sit, relax, and lean back, making it a complete stroller and more comfortable for your baby for longer periods of time. Also added to the Doona X is a soft release system which creates a softer opening when moving from car seat to stroller mode so as not to disturb your baby. Next, the updated canopy in the Doona X provides more shade due to its extended size and is easier to remove and refit with a zipper closure. 

The rest of the differences between the Doona i and the Doona X are meant to enhance ease of use for parents. For example, in the Doona X, a shock absorbent mechanism was added to the updated wheels to provide a smoother ride.

We know that safety and product information can be a lot to absorb. That’s why we added a chart below to help you visualize the evolution of the Doona, and find the perfect solution for your family! Of course, it’s also important to do your own research about how to keep your child safe and comfortable on the go. 

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