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Clever ways to celebrate Christmas for kids and toddlers

Clever ways to celebrate Christmas for kids & toddlers

Christmas is one of the most unforgettable holidays, evoking sweet nostalgia for happy times in our past. However, even more powerful than those memories is the quality time spent with our extended families, friends, and loved ones.

Amid ongoing stay-at-home orders across the country and around the world, parents face the challenge of creating a memorable Christmas for their children during this unprecedented time. To assist you, we've compiled a list of fun and clever ways to celebrate Christmas, complete with activities for kids, toddlers, and the entire family.

Car gift exchange

A fun way to exchange gifts amongst your extended family, friends and neighbors, is to organize a socially distanced car exchange. Find an open area close to where you all live, and plan to meet up, whilst staying in cars and wearing masks. By getting together responsibly, your kids will be excited at the prospect of seeing friendly faces and getting gifts!

Start a new tradition

If Christmas is going to look a little different this year, why not go all the way by starting a brand new holiday tradition? You could order matching pajamas, start an advent calendar, fill a gratitude jar, or purchase a gift for someone in need.. Creating new traditions as a family will help your kids accept that this year won’t be like the rest and that’s okay too.

Create handmade gifts

Instead of going to the store or scrolling through a bunch of websites to pick out your family’s gifts, get creative! Assembling handmade gifts is a great Christmas activity for kids and toddlers, By having your kids use their imaginations to build their gifts, they’ll not only exercise their creativity and make the best of all the extra time spent indoors.

Get inventive in the kitchen

Who says colorful cookies and holiday ham are your only options for Christmas? To keep your kids excited and engaged, have them pick an exotic dish from another country, and you can all try cooking it together! Not only will this Christmas activity bring you closer together, it’ll also open your kids’ eyes to other peoples’ traditions and cultures.

Host a virtual christmas

With video conferencing becoming the new norm for many of our work meetings — why not use this to bring your family together? If you’re not able to see extended family in a different city or country, hold a big video conference to catch up with your loved ones. Better yet, try hosting a virtual cookie decorating contest or movie screening to make everyone feel a little more connected. You might not be able to connect with them in person, but seeing their faces will still have an impact on your kids’ memories.

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