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A Tricycle Is The Perfect First Birthday Gift

A tricycle is the perfect first birthday gift

Don’t know what to gift a 1 year old for their first birthday? We’ve got you covered. The perfect first birthday gift will support the development of their large and fine motor skills, is made of high-quality durable materials and will grow with them as they transition into their toddler years. A baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone! Such a big occasion calls for a celebration, and of course, finding the perfect first birthday gift.

If you are still on the hunt for first birthday gift ideas, look no further, because we’re here to tell you - it’s a toddler trike! Here are all of the reasons why Liki Trike makes the best first birthday present for that special little one in your life.

Ready to go, right out of the box

If you are a parent, you know the struggle of baby toys taking forever to set up, with pages of instructions, and so many small pieces. The beauty of Liki Trike is that ready to roll right out of the box - no setup required. That not only saves you time and hassle, but also lets your little one put all that excitement about their new gift to use right away.

Fully adaptable to their growing needs

The best first birthday present is one that will last - and not be moved on from in a few months. That’s exactly where Liki Trike comes in! It will keep your little one entertained all the way up to 36 months of age. And with its durable materials, Liki holds up through anything.

We know, babies change a whole lot from their first birthday to their third but what won’t change is their love of independence! That one year old that craves adventure and their own set of wheels yet might not have the coordination needed to pedal independently, and that’s where Liki comes in.  

Liki Trike has multiple modes that adapt to each of your toddler’s stages. It starts off in parent mode, with protective side bars to keep them in place, and footrests instead of pedals. Plus, an extendable handlebar for you to push it just like a stroller. Next, push mode removes the protective bar so they can balance on their own. Then, you can start giving them some independence with trike mode, where they can pedal while you still have control with the parent bar! Lastly, send them off on bike mode with no backrest, bars or parent control bar, so they can ride all by themselves.

Developmental benefits

After your little one’s first birthday, they go through so many developmental milestones. Anything you can get them to help with this development is going to benefit them for the long-run! Toddler trikes like Liki are a great tool for encouraging physical and mental development.

Toddlers have tons of energy, so a trike is a good way for them to get this energy out while also strengthening their muscles, improving their balance, helping them learn motor skills and more. Plus, it will allow them to explore their desire for adventure and independence, helping them tackle obstacles and solve problems on their own.

Beat indoor boredom

As most parents who are spending extra time at home right now already know – it can be tough keeping little ones entertained, engaged and active. Help them release all the energy they’d normally expend in daycare or preschool, with a trike ride. Better yet, set up a tricycle obstacle course with household items you already own such as balloons, tape, planters and buckets.

This is such an exciting stage for toddlers and parents - but it also comes with tons of changes! That’s why at Doona, we want to make simple and effective products, so you can enjoy each day with your growing little one. Happy birthday to all the one-year-olds out there!

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