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Why A Toddler Trike Is Your Summer Must-Have

Why a toddler trike is your summer must-have

The birds are singing, the sun is out, and there’s a sweetness in the air; yes, it’s that time again, summertime is finally here! And if you’ve got a toddler at home, chances are, it couldn’t come soon enough. The summer is all about going outside with your kids and enjoying the beautiful weather. When looking for the perfect summer activities for toddlers, exploring with a trike will deliver endless fun.


As the weather warms up, your little one will become eager to embark on new adventures. At this age, they have so much energy and want to let it all out. Hopping on a toddler trike allows them to discover the world on their own terms. It gives them the freedom to feel like they’re in charge, while they are learning new skills all on their own.

Getting them outside

As technology plays a bigger and bigger role in our lives, it’s important to get your kids outside and away from those screens. Take a toddler trike, a great stroller alternative, for your next family picnic, park outing, or neighborhood stroll. This will help your little one stay active and more attentive to their surroundings. Exploring the world is so important for children at this age, and it never hurts to get some extra fresh air.

Motor skill development

Not only is a toddler trike exciting for your little one to ride, it’s actually fine-tuning their gross motor skills at the same time: climbing on and off the trike helps with balance and muscle development; and pedaling and steering boosts coordination. These first few years are a crucial time for physical development, so any activity that will help them progress is always beneficial, and how much fun they’ll have is just a bonus!


Out of all the engaging summer activities for toddlers -, trikes teach them fundamentals of safety. Learning to be aware of their surroundings and avoiding hazards – all on their own – gives them responsibility. And while they’re learning these skills, you can be right behind them, guiding them with the trike’s parent control bar. Use it to steer them until you’re confident they can ride on their own.

Grows with your toddler

When considering what toddler trike you purchase, make sure to get one that grows with your child. Doona’s innovative Liki Trike is a great example of this. Featuring 4 modes of use, Liki Trike goes from parent mode (offering you full control), to push mode (semi-control), tricycle mode (semi-control with pedals), and finally bike mode (full independence). Liki is the most compact folding trike on the market, making those weekend trips with your toddler a breeze.

So what are you waiting for? Get outside and enjoy your summer.

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