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The Best First Books for Babies

Everyone knows the importance of reading, but few realize how pivotal it is to early child development. Even reading to newborns can have a significant impact on their growth and education journey. However, choosing the right books can be challenging. It’s not about finding the time to read, but also selecting books that are visually engaging and have a valuable message or teach something about life. Here is our list of the best books to start your baby on their literary journey!

A Little Ferry Tale by Chad Otis

A modern version of the classic tale of the Little Engine That Could, this story takes you on an adventure with the cutest ferry boat, trying to find her way in the big world. Although she isn’t the biggest, fastest, or strongest, she’s the sturdiest and always tries her best to make it through the big waves of life. It’s the perfect life lesson for anyone, especially babies who are just starting to take their first steps. It teaches them that no matter what is going on around them, that with perseverance, determination, and strength, they can achieve anything they set their minds to. 

[Start the Adventure]

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown  

Goodnight Moon is a timeless classic that has been beloved by generations. It's the perfect board book to read to your baby as you lull them to sleep. The soothing rhymes and gentle illustrations create a calming atmosphere, making it a cherished bedtime ritual for parents and little ones. As the bunny says goodnight to objects and creatures around the room, the repetitive and melodic language turns into a lullaby, gradually guiding little ones into a peaceful sleep. This book has stood the test of time and has created a heartfelt connection between generations, ensuring that the tradition of saying goodnight remains cherished around the world.

[Feel Comfort Together]

123 Count with Me by Tiger Tales

For the more educational side this trace and flip book is perfect for teaching baby numbers early on. Nothing is better for young ones than interactive books that they can physically engage with. While you may be used to pop-up books, this one allows babies to trace with their finger so they can learn numbers for the first time. 

[Count with Them]

Pat the Zoo (Touch and Feel) by Golden Books 

An interactive book that introduces babies to different animals and textures, Pat the Zoo, is a must-have addition to every baby shower registry. Not only will it teach babies all about animals from lions, pandas, and even turtles, but it familiarizes them with different textures from feathers, soft fur, sticky tongues, and more. As infants engage with the many textures, their senses awaken, laying the foundation for early cognitive development. With its combination of educational content and tactile exploration, we believe this book is the ideal way to start their reading journey. 

[Learn About Animals]

Look, Look! By Peter Linenthal 

Babies aren’t born with the ability to see colors immediately after birth, as their eyesight is still developing. However, they are attracted to high-contrast images, which is why Look, Look! , is a great addition. Tailored to captivate your baby, each page of the book provides a glimpse into vibrant scenes accompanied by a few descriptive words in red, the first primary color newborns can see. The book covers various themes, such as racing cars and blooming flowers. It's the ideal first-board book that can spark curiosity and promote early development. 

[Capture Attention]

Peek a Who? by Nina Laden

Everyone knows what a hit Peek-a-boo is with babies of all ages, but Nina Laden took that and created what has become a staple in families’ first libraries. Using cutouts and the use of beautiful rhymes, babies will be fully immersed in a book that brings their favorite game to life. They’ll constantly be anticipating what comes next through the use of cutout board pages. You’ll be watching them wait, and then be filled with joy with each turn of the page

[Peek a Boo!]

Besos for Baby by Jen Arena

In today’s world the more languages you learn the better, and what better way to introduce them to a new language than with the perfect book. We love books about love, and nothing shows more love than a kiss. They’ll be kissing, mami, papi, gato, y perro in this wonderful story about love. This works for multicultural families, or even families that want to start baby off early with a new language. It’s very important to teach babies new languages as early as possible, and this is the perfect book to kickstart their bilingual journey.

[Fall in Love]

While there are hundreds of books out there that babies and toddlers will love, it's important to start somewhere. The books listed are simply a guide for parents to kickstart their child’s library and eventually the shelves will be filled with even more. It’s important to read books multiple times over until they are ready for the next one. You want them to remember each book specifically, and even choose the book you’ll be reading that night. Nothing feels better as a parent as when your baby gets excited for reading time, that’s when you know they’re hooked!

At Doona, we’re all about creating products that baby’s fall in love with just as much as parents. That’s why we create safe, useful and functional baby products like the Doona Car Seat & Stroller and Liki Trike, to make your parenting journey so much easier, and simpler.

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