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How to raise a kinder, more inclusive child

How to raise a kinder, more inclusive child

In today's intricate world marked by polarization and digital disconnect, instilling values of kindness, empathy, inclusivity in our children can seem challenging. At Doona, we're dedicated to offering practical advice and tips for encouraging these qualities. By exemplifying these virtues ourselves, fostering open dialogue, celebrating diversity, and encouraging acts of kindness, we can empower our children to navigate the complexities of today’s confusing world with compassion and an understanding of others' perspectives. 

So with that in mind, let’s jump right in. Here are our tips for raising kinder, more inclusive children. 

Model empathy for your kids

Now it’s one thing to talk to your kids about the benefits of being empathetic, kind and understanding. But it’s an entirely different thing to model that behavior yourself. Our children are sponges, and are very capable of soaking up all the influences and information they see around them. Especially from you, their parents. So make sure that everyday, you’re being cognizant of others’ feelings, treating people with respect, and showing empathy — even in difficult situations. 

Explain your actions

The old-fashioned phrase, 'because I said so,' doesn't carry the same weight today. We know that just because our parents treated us this way, often not feeling the need to explain themselves, that it might not be the best way for us to behave with our children. Instead of viewing it as a burden, consider it an opportunity. When you explain your actions and choices to your children, even if they don't fully understand at first, you are giving them insight into what it means to be an adult. This helps them learn how to make informed decisions and develop a strong moral compass, which can ultimately cultivate empathy within them.

Promote diverse experiences

One fun way to raise more welcoming, more open-minded children is to expose them early to a wide variety of experiences. Encouraging them to eat foods from different types of cuisines, visiting national museums of other countries to showcase their rich heritages, and watching movies from other countries are all great and entertaining ways to experience the magic of different cultures around the world. By immersing children in these experiences, you're igniting their curiosity about the world's diversity and laying the foundation for a more inclusive perspective as they grow.

Read inclusive children’s books

A great way to nurture inclusive values in children is to introduce them to books that encourage inclusion. One of our top picks is We’re Different, We’re the Same – a children’s book featuring Sesame Street characters that teaches the importance of celebrating diversity and embracing unique qualities.

Build self-esteem in your kids

A lot of the confusion, judgment, and hatred of others comes out of deep-seated fear. But by promoting your child’s sense of self-worth,self-confidence, and individuality, they won’t feel threatened by anyone else. And thus, will not feel the need to judge, compete or put down anyone that acts differently from them. 

Find similarities in others

Finally, one of the most important ways to celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity is to help kids discover how similar they are to people who appear to be different from them. Whenever you see families that are different from your own, show your kids how different parents love their kids in the same way that you do. Compare your family's habits with those of other cultures, and illustrate how, deep down inside, we are all the same. 

At Doona, we know how confusing and stressful modern parenting can be. And that’s why we’re always trying our very best to make parenting simpler for every family. Which is also why we’ve created our innovative and revolutionary Doona Car Seat & Stroller which transforms from a car seat to a stroller in the click of a button; and Liki Trike — the most compact folding toddler trike on the market that grows alongside toddlers with four modes of use. 

We hope our guide to creating inclusive children was helpful, and helps you raise children as kind and wonderful as you are!

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